Colin Farrell’s hell-raising history

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell got caught up in the “whirlwind” of fame.

The 39-year-old checked into rehab in 2005 to beat his drug addiction and has been clean ever since. Looking at his life now, the True Detective star sees barely any similarities to the past.

“It’s night and day,” he admitted to the British edition of OK! magazine. “I arrived in Los Angeles from Dublin and it was beyond culture shock [laughs]! I was working non-stop and partying non-stop and I didn’t have time to even think about what I was doing with my life. I was caught up in this whirlwind and I had the most amazing time of my life. But it was also the kind of life that leaves you empty a lot of the time.”

The sacrifices he’s made for his career include a stable relationship and Colin has been single for around five years. After being linked to a-listers including Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears, it would take someone special to take Colin off the market.

“I’m very cautious about entering into relationships,” he admitted. “I’ve basically been single for five years and, even though I love women, it’s difficult to get involved and put someone in the spotlight because of my being a celebrity. You’re reluctant to expose someone to that unless you’re so much in love that you’re both willing to put up with the attention that’s going to follow you around. Being single is much easier!”

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Evangeline Lilly: I don’t do late nights

Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly “isn’t equipped” to stay up after 9.30pm.

The 35-year-old actress has four-year-old son Kahekili with her partner Norman Kali and the tot regularly comes in to wake her up at 6am. Apparently this has taken its toll on the star, who is expecting baby number two at the moment, and she joked that her early nights have become the stuff of legend among her social circle.

“It’s a running joke among my friends that I’m such an old lady. On an early night, I’m in bed by 8.30pm, but it’s usually 9.30pm,” she told British magazine Glamour. “When I’m at a premiere doing press or an after-party at 11 or 12 at night, I’m dying. I’m not equipped to stay up that late.”

Part of the reason the former Lost actress needs her rest is that she’s so busy during the day. Although she doesn’t act as much as she once did, she still picks projects that are exciting to her – such as her upcoming superhero flick Ant-Man.

She also does a lot of charity work, including running an organization which helps widows and children in Rwanda. Evangeline is also a writer, but she doesn’t allow herself to take that easily either, as she’s working on five separate books at the moment. She finds it easiest to do a lot of that work from outside the home, although there are plus points from having an office where she lives too.

“On a writing day, I go to a café – I always sit at the same table. I don’t drink coffee, but I am a Starbucks chai tea latte addict – that’s my go-to if I need a burst of energy,” she explained.

“I mostly work from home [though]. So I always have breakfast with my partner and son. One of our staples is fried rice. We take all the leftover food and throw it in a pan with rice and meats and vegetables.”

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Witherspoon: Film career beats privacy

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon’s career makes having no privacy worth it.

After a low-key few years career-wise, Reese is back to her big-screen best with recent movies Hot Pursuit and Wild, the latter even earning her an Oscar nomination.

Living your life in the glare of the media spotlight can be tough, but Reese says her job is definitely worth it.

“Everyone experiences that loss of privacy with the internet, not just celebrities. I knew that was part of the game when I started being an actor. It’s not my favorite part, but it’s certainly worth the exchange. I’ve been able to travel the world; my children have been able to travel the world,” she told InStyle UK.

Reese has been making movies for nearly 25 years, and has bagged an Oscar, a Golden Globe and BAFTA along the way (all for her portrayal of June Carter in Walk the Line).

She’s just as at home in funny roles as she is in more serious parts, and has her mother Betty to thank for her comedic timing.

“My mom is really the funny one. My grandmother was very dry. She had a smart sense of humor. But my mother made me laugh, and I loved to make her laugh. When I was a child, she would literally laugh at everything I did, so that just made me sillier. She was the perfect audience,” Reese smiled.

The 39-year-old adds that she hopes her own children, Ava, 15, 11-year-old Deacon and Tennessee, two, find her funny.

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Ed Sheeran: Never too old for toys

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran used to carry a toy sword around with him.

The British musician might have hit the big time now, but he is still the same guy he was when he was trying to make it. Photographer Christie Goodwin has worked with him throughout his career and can testify to that, explaining he really is an everyday kind of lad.

“He’s actually good at table tennis. This was backstage at the iTunes Festival – during that wait between sound check and the show,” she told Q magazine of a photo showing Ed playing the game. “You’ll always find him doing something fun, he always manages to find something quirky to play with. He had a sword somewhere. It was a toy rather than something to behead someone with, but I remember thinking, ‘How’s he going to get that through customs?’”

Although he’s a solo artist, Ed manages to rock huge venues, having played stadiums during his career. Christie has seen him in action many times and is in no doubt about why that is, explaining he has a one-of-a-kind bond with his fans.

“The reason he holds a big crowd is he’s genuine. He doesn’t play for a character – I’ve worked with a lot of artists who have a stage persona, they’re quite different when you meet them in person,” she said. “He doesn’t do that, he’s just Ed. I always find it very brave of him to stand there alone and speak to the crowd, but he seems quite confident in doing that. People pick up that he’s genuinely speaking to them.”

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Chris Martin and Kylie’s ‘crazy chemistry’

Chris Martin
Chris Martin

Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue are said to have great chemistry.

The two music stars set tongues wagging last week when they were spotted arm-in-arm strolling through London in the early hours of the morning.

Despite the persistent rumors that Chris is close to Hollywood a-lister Jenifer Lawrence, sources say there’s a spark between him and Kylie.

“They have known each other for years and have long had chemistry. Chris has been playing the field, and Kylie is single, so who knows what could happen?” an insider told British magazine Grazia.

Chris shocked fans last year when he split up with wife of a decade Gwyneth Paltrow, in a move they dubbed “consciously uncoupling”.

Not long after, he was linked to Jennifer. While they have never confirmed a romance, recent reports suggested that they were on the verge of moving in together. However his friendship with Kylie may have put a spanner in the works, as it has now been reported the pair have split.

“They were in their own little world, oblivious to anyone around them,” an onlooker told British newspaper The Sun about Chris and Kylie’s cozy walk.

Chris has also been linked to X-Files actress Gillian Anderson in recent months, while Jennifer was said to be getting close to her former flame Nicholas Hoult on the set of the new X-Men movie.

“As far as Chris is concerned, they are still together, but it’s fair to say Jen feels torn. Chris hasn’t exactly been consistent. Nicholas is a much more reliable presence. Friends see it as a difference between the kind of man she wants and the kind she needs,” a source recently told Grazia.

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Hudson: Broadway will be challenging

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson thinks her Broadway debut will keep her on her toes.

The Oscar winning actress will soon be treading the boards in the musical adaptation of The Color Purple. And while the star is used to performing, having had major success since she entered American Idol in 2004, she is already psyching herself up to be in front of a live audience every night.

“It’s live. There’s no retakes. It is what it is so you have to be on point and in the moment – that’s challenging,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “But it’s exciting at the same time because I’ve learned no live show is every the same. So you have to be on your toes – that’s for sure.”

The 33-year-old will star alongside Orange is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks in the role of Shug Avery.

The 1985 film version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name starred Oprah Winfrey in her debut big screen role. The star was nominated for an Academy Award for her work and serves as one of the show’s producers. Upon hearing this information, it was a no-brainer for Jennifer to sign on the dotted line.

“Who wouldn’t want to be what she’s a part of?” she asked.

Jennifer has previously spoken about her nerves over the role, but that she knows how to make them work in her favor.

“I think nerves are important when you’re trying something new,” she told Buzzfeed. “I’m ready to create something with a special group of people. The feeling of butterflies that comes with it, that’s empowering and it’s something I will use every night on the stage to share Shug’s story with the audience.”

Preview performances begin on November 9 with the show officially opening on December 3.

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Gomez and Jonas’ ‘awkward meet up’

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas were “a little awkward” when they met in Los Angeles earlier this week, according to reports.

The Come & Get It singer previously dated the 22-year-old in 2009 when they were both Disney stars. Despite having had relationships since, a source has revealed that on a recent meet up, the former couple were a little uneasy with each other.

“They hugged and went inside and got a table in the back,” an insider told Page Six. “It was a little awkward in the beginning . . . and then their friends arrived.”

The singers were dining at Osteria Mamma, Los Angeles when they were spotted.

While Selena has had a high profile on-off relationship with Justin Bieber since, Nick has just come out of a relationship with former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

The couple dated for nearly two years but last month it was announced that they had parted ways.

“I’m doing OK. It’s very tough and we had a beautiful two years together and [I have] nothing but love and respect for her,” Nick told E! News soon after. “But it’s always hard and my thing now is focusing on my work and staying as busy as I can, as creative as I can be. These are the times you’ve just got to dive in and get lost in your work and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Meanwhile Selena opened up this week about her relationship with music producer Zedd, real name Anton Zaslavski. The two worked on track I Want You to Know together and while some thought their romance was fake to create publicity, the 22-year-old spoke out to confirm it had been legit.

“I adore Anton a lot and I definitely had a thing with him, which was nice,” she told New Zealand’s The Edge radio station.

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Hilary Swank’s missing father-daughter moments

Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank had many missed moments with her father growing up.

The two-time Oscar winner was raised in a military household as her dad Stephen was Chief Master Sergeant in the Oregon Air National Guard. His job took him away from his family regularly throughout her childhood, and now the 40-year-old has reflected on that time in her life.

“There were things that were missed – the little things,” she told People magazine, naming swim meets and moments round the breakfast table as two examples. “I went months at a time without my dad around. This was before cell phones, before texting, before Skype, before you could be in touch so easily like we have now just right at our fingertips. It was just the good old-fashioned phone at that point.”

Hilary spoke about her experience as a serviceman’s daughter at a New York City event where battery company Duracell announced s $100,000 donation to the USO’s Comfort Crew for Military Kids.

The organisation isn’t the only cause close to the Million Dollar Baby star’s heart. She won her first Oscar for her role as a transgender man in the 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry and then served as a spokesperson at the Hetrick-Martin Institute, which advocates for LGBTQ youth.

“To be their spokesperson and having to scratch the surface of what life was like for them and playing a role like that was a great honor for me,” she said.

The star also added how thrilled she was that transgender people were being represented openly by the likes of Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox.

“We’re all one people, and we all want to give and receive love, and I think it’s really beautiful that people are…celebrating our differences,” she smiled.

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Taylor Swift’s friendship alliance

Taylor Swift and her celebrity friends
Taylor Swift and her celebrity friends

Taylor Swift and her girlfriends will never gossip about each other.

The 25-year-old singer has developed an increasingly large circle of female celebrity friends over the years including Jaime King, Hailee Steinfeld, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid. While groups of women can often be bitchy, Taylor insists there’s no room for such behavior in her gang.

“They truly mean what they say, and they’re honest,” she told ET Online. “There’s sort of an unspoken code that we’re there for each other, and we would never turn on each other. We’re not gonna gossip about each other. It’s kind of an alliance that is the best kind of friendship you can have.”

As well as her close knit circle of friends, many of whom appeared in her Bad Blood video, Taylor also relies heavily on her family. She credits her parents Scott and Andrea for raising her the right way and giving her the confidence she’s needed to pursue her dreams.

“I always felt really grateful for the way I was brought up,” she continued. “My parents raised me always telling me that I was smart and special, and so when I didn’t feel pretty or I didn’t feel wanted at school or in social circles, I always still felt smart and special because of my parents.”

While Taylor seems to have it all now, she admits there were times at the start of her career when she doubted herself.

“I don’t feel great when I am fed messages, and I was fed messages as a young girl that it is more important to be edgy and sexy and cool than anything else,” she added. “My life doesn’t gravitate towards being edgy, sexy or cool. I’m imaginative, I’m smart and I’m hardworking.”

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Ben Affleck ‘turns to mother for support’

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s mother is his “constant rock”.

The 42-year-old actor and his 43-year-old wife Jennifer Garner revealed earlier this week that they had split after ten years of marriage.

And in the wake of the devastating news, Ben is said to have turned to his parent Christine for support.

“While Jen is turning to her family and friends, the person in Ben’s life is his mother,” a source close to Ben told “She is a constant rock for him. She had remained close to the family as well. She’s been there for him through this extremely difficult time.”

According to the outlet, Ben and his children Violet, nine, six-year-old Seraphina and three-year-old Samuel spent a lot of time with Christine while Jennifer was shooting her upcoming film Nine Lives in Montreal, Canada.

And the actor couldn’t be without his mother, who he is also said to have called on for advice following his split from former fiancée Jennifer Lopez.

“He is really leaning on his mother for support,” the source added. “Ben and his mom have always been very close.”

Jennifer and Ben, who celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary on Monday, had been at the center of rumors surrounding the end of their relationship for several months.

And on Tuesday the couple confirmed the end of their union with a statement.

Following the news being made public, the pair decided to take a family trip to the Bahamas, where they have a home.

The couple apparently decided that a trip away would be the perfect way to distract their children from the scrutiny surrounding their brood.

“They got the kids out of L.A. as soon as school was out,” a source told Us Weekly magazine. “[The Bahamas] is a place they’ve been going to for years that’s very private and special for their kids.”

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