Jessie J Clears Up Rumors About Her Health

Matt Irwin/Republic RecordsAfter reports surfaced claiming Jessie J might never be able to sing live again, the singer took to Instagram Friday to clear up rumors about her recent health setback. Long story short: She’s feeling better and she’ll be back to hitting those high notes in no time.

Jessie, who suffers from a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, recently had to cancel dates on her Australian tour due to her illness. “I was really unwell,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. “I have slept a lot. I have watched every series of Homeland in bed. I’m addicted to tim tams. I still have a heart problem.”

The 26-year-old said that while the media made it seem like she was recently diagnosed, she’s had her heart condition since she was born. The condition can cause fast, irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath.  “But my heart is ok,” she said. “My body is healing. I don’t have to mime to hit my high notes on stage.”

Jessie said that reports claiming she’d have to lip-synch to maintain her health were completely untrue and “made her laugh.” She said her mom has been taking care of her while she recovers in Australia, and apologized for letting down her Australian fans.

Facts | Feelings | Random things I am ok | I'm feeling better | I was really unwell | I have slept a lot | I have watched every series of Homeland in bed | I'm addicted to tim tams | I still have a heart problem | Dun dun dun | Papers acting like I didn't know lol | Had it since I was born | But my heart is ok | My body is healing | I don't have to mime to hit my high notes on stage | Who believed it? Fess up! | Made me laugh because it was so choopid | Don't even know where they get these stories from | Maybe from Source and his best mate bullshit | anyway | My Mum flew to Australia to be with me | I love my Mum | She has cooked for me everyday | And held my hand whilst I've been in pain | Im sorry for all the fans I let down | I f***ing hate that my mind is stronger than my body sometimes | I didn't want to cancel shows but a doc told me I had to | I cried a lot | I had to listen | Thank you for all your well wishes | I need them | If I could hug every sick person right now I would | Rest and be well | Luke is the love of my life | I'm using these |'s because he uses them and I miss him | Off to bed | *Adlibs* | I just walked into a spider web…. | I want a Tim tam…

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Martha Stewart Discusses Snoop Dogg’s Special Brownies in New Clip from Bieber Roast

Courtesy of Comedy CentralA new preview clip of the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber features lifestyle guru Martha Stewart talking about that time she baked –– or maybe got baked — with rapper and fellow roaster Snoop Dogg.

Martha, perhaps the most unexpected participant in the roast, tells the audience the highest rated episode of her show was when she and Snoop made brownies together. As for what was in those brownies, you be the judge.

“I’ve used his recipe ever since,” Martha jokes. “As a matter of fact, I ate three of them right before they called and asked me to do this roast.”

Well, that might explain things. The Bieber Roast, hosted by comedian Kevin Hart, premieres March 30 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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Ariana Grande Covering Adoption Fees of 15 Dogs for Her New York Fans

ABC/Kelsey McNealIf you’re going to one of Ariana Grande’s two shows in New York City this weekend, you just might leave with a new pet. The singer announced on Instagram that she is covering the adoption fees of 15 dogs in need of a good home, and she’s giving her New York fans first dibs.

Ariana, who owns six dogs herself, has teamed up with doggie subscription service BarkBox and Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue for the special surprise. During her shows at Madison Square Garden tonight and tomorrow, photos of the dogs and links for more information will be displayed before and in between each set.

“So if any of these babes happen to steal your heart and you are interested in provided a home for any of them, the link will be right there up on the screen and all adoption fees will have already been taken care of by me,” Ariana wrote.

The link on the screen will connect dog lovers with the BarkBox team who will provide more information about the needy pups. Ariana also noted that the Badass Brooklyn team would be vetting the hopeful dog owners to ensure that the pups get placed in a suitable home.

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Jason Derulo to Premiere “Want to Want Me” Video on Tinder

Gabriel EncinasPerhaps taking his cues from Madonna, who debuted her latest video on Snapchat, Jason Derulo tells Us Weekly he’ll be unveiling the video for “Want to Want Me” on Tinder Monday.

“Social media and dating together is the new wave,” the single 25-year-old tells the mag. “It is the source of one half of the relationships in 2015, and I’m all about being part of the new wave.”

Jason says Tinder is the “perfect place” for his new single, given what the song is about. “On Tinder, you swipe left or right and want the person you like to want you, too,” he explains. “It is a cool and unique way to deliver my new video to the world.”

However, Jason says that while a lot of his friends and family use Tinder, he has no plans to join. “I would if it wasn’t so unpredictable,” he tells Us. “I’d probably meet some huge fans, but otherwise it’s not a safe bet. Maybe if they come up with a version of Tinder for celebrities, then I would do it. I do think it is a beautiful thing and works.”

Jason split with his girlfriend of three years, Jordin Sparks, last year. He says he’s been meeting girls since the break-up, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone serious yet.

“Want to Want Me” is the first single from Jason’s upcoming fourth studio album.

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Adam Levine Co-Producing Songwriting Competition Show for NBC

Brian Bowen Smith/NBCAdam Levine isn’t limiting himself to just The Voice. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the singer is teaming up with The Voice’s executive producer, Audrey Morrissey, and Grammy Award-winning songwriter Dave Stewart to develop another NBC music competition series.

This series, called Songland, will center on aspiring songwriters. The project is expected to feature ordinary people with extraordinary stories who get the chance to pitch original compositions to the music industry’s biggest producers and artists.

For now, Songland has been green-lighted for a pilot.

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Madonna & Ellen Sing “Dress You Up” in the Bathroom

Telepictures Productions Inc.Closing out Madonna Week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday, Madonna joined Ellen for the latest installment of her ongoing “Bathroom Concert Series.“ 

Sitting in a bathroom, each wearing a monogrammed bathrobe, the Queen of Pop and Ellen duetted on the Madonna classic “Dress You Up,” trading off verses and playfully groping one another.  At the end, Madonna took off her bathrobe to reveal a black dress, while Ellen, who had donned giant gold sunglasses, spanked Madonna playfully with a riding crop.

During this past week, Madonna performed several songs from her new album, Rebel Heart, sat for an interview, inserted Ellen into her video for “Don’t Tell Me,” and played Never Have I Ever with Ellen and Justin Bieber.

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Time to Stop Believin’: “Glee” Ends Tonight

Tyler Golden/FOXAfter six seasons and hundreds of songs, the cultural phenomenon that is Glee takes its final bow tonight on Fox.

Tonight’s series finale is a two-parter.  The first part, titled “2009,” flashes back to the show’s beginnings, and shows how all the characters came to audition for New Directions.  The second part, “Dreams Come True,” flashes forward five years.  Lea Michele‘s Rachel will take her final solo on an original song called “This Time,” written by Darren Criss, who plays Blaine. The show’s final number is a fitting one: “I Lived,” by OneRepublic.

When Glee first debuted in 2009, it was new and different: a dramedy set in high school with a largely unknown young cast, incorporating multiple musical performances of songs old and new — from the latest chart hits to standards — all of which were made available for digital download each week.  Also different was the show’s embrace of LGBT and differently-abled characters, and its message of loving yourself, no matter what.

Glee’s impact on the charts over the past six years speaks for itself: the show has sold close to 69 million singles and more than 13 million albums worldwide.  In addition, the Glee cast now holds the record as the act with the most chart entries on the Billboard Hot 100: a whopping 207.  The most popular was the show’s de facto theme song, Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” which hit #4 on the chart, and has gone platinum plus.  Four different versions of the song were performed throughout the show’s run.

Glee proved that the concept of making songs available each week from a scripted show — as opposed to from a reality singing competition — could work, and the model has been used for Smash, Nashville and Empire, among others.

With a few exceptions, most musicians were happy to allow Glee to cover their songs, because it usually resulted in a boost to their back catalogs.  Over the years, the show aired episodes devoted to the music of Britney Spears, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Saturday Night Fever, Madonna, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, Grease, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Glee also attracted musicians as guest stars, including Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Olivia Newton-John, Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato, and Gloria Estefan.  Actors and actresses who could sing were also featured frequently, from Neil Patrick Harris and Kristen Chenoweth, to a pre-Frozen Idina Menzel and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Over its run, Glee turned its young cast into teen idols, inspired two tours, a 3-D movie, and a boatload of merchandise.  It also collected six Emmys, four Golden Globe Awards, six Teen Choice Awards, a People’s Choice Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.  However, it never recovered from a major tragedy: the 2013 death of star Cory Monteith.  Three months later, after an episode dedicated to his memory, “The Quarterback,” aired, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy announced the show’s sixth season would be its last.

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“American Idol” Recap: One Hopeful “Saved”; Jennifer Lopez, Kenny Loggins Perform

FOXThe top finalists were revealed on Thursday’s two-hour edition of American Idol, an installment that featured judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. using their only “save” of the season to keep one hopeful in the competition.

The ten contestants who advanced as a result of America’s votes are: Adanna Duru, Daniel Seavey, Rayvon Owen, Nick Fradiani, Joey Cook, Tyanna Jones, Quentin Alexander, Maddie Walker, Clark Beckham and Jax.

Qaasim Middleton had received the lowest amount of votes cast after last Thursday’s performances, and was in danger of elimination, but the judges used their one “save” to keep him in the competition.

The theme for Thursday’s broadcast was “The Best Music from the Movies.”

Idol mentor Scott Borchetta brought in Nile Rogers to help guide the contestants.

The first person saved by America was Adanna Duru, who tackled Jennifer Hudson’s “Love You I Do” from Dreamgirls. The mentors thought she was tentative because the song really tested the limits of her range, but were confident she’d nail it.

Keith thought it was a great song choice. J-Lo liked the performance, but thought Adanna needed to put more emotion into it. Harry thought it was a strong performance, but felt she needed to connect better with the audience in the theater and at home.

Seacrest then called Joey Cook to the stage. She put her spin on “Mad World,” by Tears for Fears, from the movie Donnie Darko. Borchetta and Rogers worked with the singer on making eye contact.

Jennifer enjoyed the performance, noting it was a different side to Joey. She said it was “beautiful.” Harry complimented the singer on “staying in her lane” musically, but finding ways to “widen it.” Keith said Joey shows more depth with each performance.

Clark Beckham performed Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning,” from the movie Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Keith hoped it would be “the missing link” to showing Clark’s sensitive side.

Harry said Clark put his own arrangement on the song and “knocked it out of the park.” Keith loved the performance, but urged Clark to “put a smile into it.”

Jax was the final hopeful to make the top ten based on America’s votes. She sang Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old with You,” from The Wedding Singer. Keith called the performance “beautiful.” Jennifer agreed. Harry noted that Jax was a “high risk, high return” singer and Thursday night, the risk paid off.

There were performances by other finalists that left the judges unimpressed:

Daniel Seavey’s version of Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars” from the movie Begin Again was just “okay” in Jennifer’s opinion. Harry thought the performance by this season’s youngest contestant lacked “spontaneity.”  Rayvon Owen’s performance of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive,” from Saturday Night Fever also left the panel a little flat, with Harry wanting the singer to choose songs with a little more substance. Keith said Rayvon didn’t “own” the song.

Keith and Jennifer both thought Nick Fradiani’s performance of “Danger Zone,” by Kenny Loggins from the movie Top Gun was a little stiff and Harry thought it was a poor song choice.  Tyanna Jones’ version of Elton John’s “Circle of Life” from The Lion King had Harry feeling the teen “tried a little too hard,” resulting in a delivery that sounded like it was “yelled all the way through.” Keith noticed serious “serious pitch issues.”

Harry felt Quentin Alexander’s arrangement of “You’re the One That I Want,” performed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in the film, Grease, was “horribly out of tune,” and Jennifer thought Maddie Walker’s version of Deniece Williams’ “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” from the movie Footloose was “cute and sweet,” but “not a knockout.”

That left Qaasim Middleton as the only contestant whose name wasn’t announced by host Ryan Seacrest. He tried to earn the judges’ save by singing The Beatles’ “Come Together” from the film Across the Universe. Harry announced that the judges would use their one save for Middleton. He advances.

The evening also included J-Lo singing “Feel the Light,” from the new animated movie Home. It opens nationwide March 27. Kenny Loggins made an appearance to perform the title track from the movie Footloose.

Seacrest announced that next Wednesday’s theme will be a “Tribute to the 80s,” with Boy George schooling the contestants. Other guests scheduled to appear in the coming weeks include Season 3 finalist Jennifer Hudson and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

American Idol continues next Wednesday on Fox at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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A Rihanna/J-Lo Duet? It Could Happen

Island Def Jam Records; Matthias Vriens-McGrath/FOXRihanna and Jennifer Lopez both lend their voices to the new animated movie, Home — in fact, J-Lo plays Rihanna’s mom — but the two never actually met during the film’s production.  Still, J-Lo says she’d love to do a duet with the younger singer, praising her as both edgy and sweet.

“I’m a huge Rihanna fan…and I feel like she’s such a girl’s girl, which I love, because I’m a girl’s girl and she seems very sweet,” the American Idol judge told E! News. “And I love the edginess about her and I think she did a really great job in this film.”  Asked if she’d like to sing with Rihanna some day, J-Lo replied, “Absolutely! Who wouldn’t?!”

Jennifer also has praise for another young singer: Demi Lovato

“We met and hit it off and just kind of kept in touch,” says J-Lo of Demi. “She’s an amazing girl and I love her…she’s such a smart girl and very deep and soulful, which you can hear in her music and in her voice. And I just enjoy spending time with her. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together, it’s once in a while here and there, but we always have a fun time.”

For her part, Demi recently praised J-Lo as an “inspiration” because she’s a “strong, confident woman.”

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John Mayer Makes Cameo in Comedy/Horror Flick “Zombeavers”; Says Movie Is Better than “Sharknado”

ABC/Randy HolmesWhat do you get when John Mayer dumps a truck full of toxic cargo into a waterway full of beavers?  A zombie beaver apocalypse, that’s what.  At least, that’s the premise of the new horror-comedy film, Zombeavers, which hits select theaters and video-on-demand services today — complete with a cameo by John.

In a tongue-in-cheek Funny or Die video with British actor comedian Stephen Merchant, John sat down with the movie’s co-star, comedian Bill Burr, to discuss the film, its ridiculous premise and his own cameo. The three treat the film with complete sincerity, no matter how outlandish the topic, and it makes the interview just that much funnier.

John gets particularly incensed when Merchant attempts to compare Zombeavers with the equally preposterous Syfy original movie Sharknado.

“Look, this is all fine and good, but I think you’re missing the point,” John tells Merchant. “The second syllable in ‘zombie’ is also the first syllable of ‘beavers.’ Do you see what I mean? ‘Sharknado’ is just removing the first syllable of ‘tornado’ and putting ‘shark’ there. It doesn’t even flow.”

It’s hard to argue with that logic.

As for their roles, John and Bill both play truck drivers who accidentally dump the toxic cargo that poisons the animals. John is barely recognizable in a long-haired wig and a trucker mustache. He claims he was drawn to the movie after reading the script and being pleasantly surprised.

“There’s a lot of killer beaver movies out there, and actually as I started to read it I go, oh I know what this is,” he says. “And as you read deeper into it, you actually don’t.”

He admits to Merchant that he didn’t get paid for the role, but instead spent $30,000 on acting classes to prepare. “Do investments cost money? Sure,” John says.

Dam right.

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