J-Lo Considering a Las Vegas Residency?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images via ABCJennifer Lopez was partying in Las Vegas last week, but does she want to do it onstage, on a nightly basis?

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that on Friday, J-Lo and her manager Benny Medina were seen at Shania Twain‘s concert at Caesars Palace, and the Las Vegas Sun says that on Saturday the two were spotted hanging out with Bruno Mars at Bruno’s after-party at the Marquee at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

The Review Journal says that Jennifer’s presence may indicate she’s being wooed to set up her own residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, since Celine Dion canceled her own shows at that venue for personal reasons and Shania Twain is wrapping up her stint there.

Despite her American Idol stardom and success as a businesswoman and TV producer, J-Lo’s most recent album and its singles have underperformed, the paper points out.  However, she still puts on a spectacular live show, and she just might welcome the chance to stay put with her kids and perform in one place, as Britney Spears has done.

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Adele Is in “Spectacular” Voice, Not Rushing New Album, Says Collaborator

Cliff Lipson/CBSNow that we know that Adele‘s new album won’t see the light of day until 2015, we’ve got plenty of time to speculate on what it might sound like — and it seems that even the people who collaborated with the star on the disc have no idea how the project is shaping up.

Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren, who’s written numerous hits for the likes of Celine Dion, Cher, Toni Braxton and Aerosmith, tells the British the paper The Sun, “I flew to London to work on new stuff with Adele last year. We did some great songs but I don’t know if they’ve made the record. I don’t think anybody does.”

Explaining why it might be taking Adele so long to come up with the follow-up to her world-beating album 21, Warren says, “She has a mind of her own. Nobody rushes Adele or makes decisions for her, which is probably why she’s a great artist. She wants to get it right.”

However, Warren can confirm that Adele’s voice seems to be in great shape.  You might recall that the singer had to have vocal cord surgery in 2011, but Warren says, “She was singing her a** off when I was in the studio. Her voice was spectacular.”

OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder also worked with Adele on the album, but he’s also said he doesn’t know much about the final product.

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Gwen Stefani Premieres Colorful Video for “Baby Don’t Lie”

Mad Love/Interscope RecordsGwen Stefani fans are getting gift after gift from their girl this week: first, a new single, “Baby Don’t Lie,” at midnight on Sunday; then, a sneak peek at the song’s video on The Voice on Monday; now, the full clip has arrived.

The video starts out with Gwen in close-up in black and white. She’s then surrounded by a blizzard of words, which pull her into a highly-stylized animated world with a strong ’80s aesthetic: there are black-and-white stripes, polka dots, a yellow street and a magenta sky.  She performs the song in this colorful world, at times joined by dancing fuzzy things, at other times by real dancers. 

Gwen ends up in an alley lit by a car’s headlights, singing and dancing with her backup dancers, wearing a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones around her neck. Then, then the blizzard of words returns to pull her back to the start, where we now see her in color, rather than black-and-white.

“Baby Don’t Lie” is presumably the first single from Gwen’s long-awaited new solo album, which will be her first since 2006′s The Sweet Escape.  She’s also working on new music with her band No Doubt.

If you can’t get enough of everything having to do with Gwen, Man on the Run, the new album by her husband Gavin Rossdale‘s band, Bush, is out this week as well.

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Ariana Grande’s Brother Heading to Broadway

Cliff Lipson/CBSAriana Grande’s half-brother Frankie Grande, now famous thanks to his appearance on Big Brother, is heading to Broadway this November.

Frankie is joining the cast of the long-running musical Rock of Ages, playing Franz, the son of the developer who’s threatening to tear down L.A.’s famed Sunset Strip. He’ll be part of the show through January 18. 

In a statement, Frankie says, “Ever since my first role on Broadway, I have dreamed of playing Franz. I couldn’t be more excited to finally get this opportunity, especially alongside this incredible cast.”  Previously, Frankie appeared on Broadway in Mamma Mia!, and has produced Broadway plays and musicals as well.

Ariana, who also has a Broadway background, tweeted, “huge congrats to my big brother going back to Broadway. so so proud of u! u deserve it.”

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Don’t Hate Taylor Swift Because She Has Security Guards

ABC/Lou RoccoTaylor Swift never goes anywhere without her security guards these days, but it’s not because she’s got an inflated opinion of how important she is. Unfortunately, it’s become a necessity, because some people act a little crazy around her.

“I fought the idea of having security for a very long time, because I really value normalcy. I really do. I like to be able to take a drive by myself. Haven’t done that in six years,” Taylor tells Esquire magazine.  But she has to take precautions, she tells the magazine, “because [of] just the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed up at my house, showed up at my mom’s house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me.”

“This is the strange and sad part of my life that I try not to think about,” she continues. “I try to be lighthearted about it, because I don’t ever want to be scared. I don’t want to be walking down the street scared. And when I have security, I don’t have to be scared.”

Despite her security, Taylor says she still tries to go out and interact with people in a normal manner, but if she feels like she just can’t deal with the attention, she’ll stay home.

“I just have to wake up in the morning and say, ‘How am I feeling today?’” she tells the magazine. “If someone asks for a picture, am I gonna feel imposed upon today because I’m dealing with my own stuff? Am I gonna take my own stuff out on some innocent 14-year-old today and be in a bad mood? Okay, maybe not … Maybe I won’t leave the house.”

“I try really hard not to take bad days out on other people,” Taylor adds. “Because I will get asked for an autograph, and I will get asked for a picture, and there will be someone with their cell phone filming me at a restaurant. If I’m not in the mood for that, I just kind of stay in. And that’s fine. Those days don’t happen very often. I try really hard to keep it light.”

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Gotye Not Sure He’ll Ever Release Music Under that Name Again

Credit: Cybele MalinowksiGotye — the stage name of Australian artist Wally De Backer – hasn’t released any new music under that name since he won three Grammys for his hit “Somebody That I Used to Know” and his album Making Mirrors.  And now, he says he never will again…possibly.

In an oddly-worded online posting, Gotye writes, “NEW GOTYE MUSIC. There will be no new Gotye music.  Wait, maybe there will be. I’m not entirely sure right now. There are many contingencies.”

He then muses about the fact that the world getting noisier and people are getting deafer, then asks rhetorically, if he did make a new Gotye album, “Will anybody hear this work?”  He adds, “ I don’t know. But I think about these things.   One thing you can count on: I will do my best to make it enjoyable for both of us.”

He then announces that he’s started a new record label called Spirit Level, and that he’s making new music with his old band The Basics, who he went back to recording and touring with after “Somebody That I Used to Know” became a worldwide smash.

If Gotye doesn’t record any new music under that name, he’ll be that rare artist who managed to win one of the most prestigious awards at the Grammys — Record of the Year — and then never be heard from again.  Nearly every artist who ever won that category is a household name, except perhaps Domenico Modugno, who won it in 1959, the very first year it was given out.

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Charli XCX & Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon Team for “Mockingjay” Track; Kanye West Remix Also Featured

Republic RecordsDetails of the Lorde-curated soundtrack for the new Hunger Games movie Mockingjay — Part 1 are coming fast and furious.  Following the premiere of the song “This Is Not a Game” on Tuesday, it’s now been revealed that Charli XCX has also done a song for the project, teaming with an ’80s music icon.

“Angels! I’ve recorded a song with 4 the called ‘Kingdom,’” Charli tweeted.  She’s referring to Simon LeBon, the lead singer of 80′s megastars Duran Duran.  This squares with a previous report that stated Lorde had reached out to LeBon to contribute to the soundtrack.

Charli also provided a link to the album on iTunes, which reveals other artists on the soundtrack include Tove Lo; British singer/songwriter Natasha Khan, who records under the name Bat for Lashes; one of Lorde’s personal fashion icons, model, singer and actress Grace Jones; R&B singer Tinashe; Scottish electronic band CHVRCHES; and Belgian electronic musician Stromae

There’s also another Lorde song on the soundtrack, titled “Ladder,” and a reworking of her new single “Yellow Flicker Beat” that’s been retitled “Flicker” and remixed by Kanye West.  Lorde’s a huge fan of Kanye’s and covers his songs in concert regularly.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 soundtrack comes out November 17.

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Cool Kids? Echosmith Talk Pros & Cons of Touring with Your Siblings

Jonathan Weiner/Warner Bros. RecordsSharing a house or a room with your brothers and sisters is bad enough, but imagine if you had to tour the world with them, too, spending every waking moment together.  That’s exactly what Echosmith, the band behind the smash hit “Cool Kids” is going through right now.  Echosmith is made up of four siblings — three brothers and a sister — and as you might imagine, there are pros and cons to living in each others’ pockets day in and day out.

“[The] best part is that we know each other so well. Worst part is that we know each other so well,” laughs Echosmith singer and keyboard player Sydney Sierota. “After being in a band for so long, you learn to just make yourselves get along, and like, overlook trying to bug each other, because we know we’re just going to get it back. Because they know exactly my buttons to push!”

“It’s been a process of learning how to be with each other every single second and now we’re really good at it,” she says of being on the road with her brothers Jamie, Noah and Graham. “It’s funny because, I mean, I can’t even imagine doing this with three random dudes, even if we were best friends or something — something about it would just feel weird….I mean, we know each other so well. We know what we like and what we don’t like.”

In fact, they’ve been at it for such a long time now, Sydney says, that they know exactly what to do to avoid arguments.

“We just sleep or eat when we get grouchy and fight, because that’s usually what it’s based around,” she tells ABC New Radio. “So, I mean, it actually is a lot of fun for us. Obviously we have our moments. Everybody does. But I think we get along better than most bands.”

Because the members of Echosmith are so young, their father is on the road with them as well, and Sydney tells ABC News Radio that it’s nice to have her three brothers and her dad on hand to ward off any creepy dudes who try to hit on her.

“It’s nice when you’re with your brothers and you get in a weird situation where some guy is really trying to, like, be weird,” she says. “And you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, this is my brother, by the way.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh.’ Some people ignore the fact…[then I say] ‘Hey, my dad’s back there. You wanna come say hi? I’ll introduce you!’” 

Echosmith will perform at the Life Is Beautiful festival on Friday, and then play a variety of headlining shows and special events through mid-December.

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Taylor Swift Calls the Late Oscar de la Renta Her “All-Time Favorite Designer”

ABC/Richard HarbaughTaylor Swift has commented on the death of renowned fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, who died Monday at the age of 82.

Not long after his death was announced, Taylor posted onto Instagram a photo of herself wearing a de la Renta gown at a public event.

She wrote, “My all-time favorite designer has passed away. Oscar, it was an honor to wear your creations and to know you. In loving memory.”

De la Renta was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

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Pizza Chain Posts Birthday Message for Katy Perry — At Her Request

ABC/Richard HarbaughOne of Katy Perry‘s birthday wishes has been granted by Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in Los Angeles.

On Sunday night, the soon-to-be birthday girl tweeted, “All I want for my birthday is my name on the Shakey’s Pizza marquee on Santa Monica Blvd. Please.”

Sure enough, Shakey’s marquee now reads, “Happy Birthday Katy Perry.” The singer posted a photo of the sign on her Instagram page, writing, “KICKING OFF BIRTHDAY WEEK RIGHT! This signage is a bucket list dream come true!!! SHOUT OUT TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS FOR KILLING THE GIFT GAME.”

That may not be the only gift from Shakey’s. The chain extended to Katy an offer on Twitter to throw her a birthday bash.

Furthermore, a Shakey’s rep tells TMZ it will post a birthday message for Katy at all of their locations in California.

Katy, who turns 30 on Saturday, has also reached out to Betty Crocker on Twitter, hinting that she wants it to bring back its discontinued rainbow chip frosting. We’ll see if Betty Crocker comes through for her in time for her big day.

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