Ariana Grande to Perform on “Saturday Night Live’s'” 40th Season Premiere; Maroon 5 Returns the Following Week

ABC/Kelsey McNealAriana Grande has been all over TV in the last few weeks promoting her new album, My Everything. Now she’s landed one of TV’s highest-profile gigs: Saturday Night Live.

The singer will be the musical guest on its season premiere September 27; Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt will host.  Since Ariana has an acting background as well, there’s a chance she may also appear in some skits. This will be her first appearance on the show.

Amazingly, the September 27th premiere will mark the beginning of the show’s 40th season.

In October, Maroon 5, fronted by former SNL guest-host Adam Levine, will return as the musical guest on the show, marking the band’s fifth appearance in that capacity.  Former SNL cast member Sarah Silverman will host that telecast.

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Gwen Stefani Is “on Such a Creative Roll” with New Music, Says Husband

Trae Patton/NBCGwen Stefani is not only a new coach on NBC’s The Voice, and a new mom to son Apollo Bowie Flynn, but she’s also working on new music.  The singer told MTV that she’s in the process of making both a new album with her band, No Doubt, and a solo album, which will be the follow up to her 2006 release The Sweet Escape.

Many people who’ve been coaches or mentors on The Voice say the contestants on their teams inspire them musically, but in Gwen’s case, she’s being inspired by one of her fellow coaches.  Asked if Gwen’s team is inspiring her creatively, her husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, tells ABC News Radio, “I think that might be a little strong. I’m not sure about that. I think she’s mainly taking inspiration from her working with Pharrell, and he’s so full of inspiration that he’s plenty for her.”

That’s right: in addition to being a coach alongside Pharrell Williams, Gwen is also in the studio with him working on her new music. Benny Blanco, the hitmaking producer who most recently did Maroon 5‘s new album V, is also in the mix, according to Gavin.  That’s why, he says, she doesn’t need to get inspiration from her team.

“I think that she enjoys it and is wowed by them many times,” Gavin says of Team Gwen.  “But she’s on such a creative roll that I don’t think she needs anyone, apart from Benny and Pharrell. So she’s surrounded by great people and she’s on a great show, so really it’s all there for her.” 

Gavin will be seen mentoring Gwen’s team when The Voice returns for its new season.  He and his band Bush release a new album, Man on the Run, on October 21.  No word on when Gwen’s new music will arrive, but you can hear her singing a duet with Adam Levine on Maroon 5′s new album.

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Jimmy Fallon Creates Tinder Account for Newly-Single Britney; Compares “Pros and Cons” of Dating Her

Douglas Gorenstein/NBCFollowing his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon‘s “Pros and Cons” segment was dedicated to finding a new man for newly-single Britney Spears. Brit recently split from her boyfriend David Lucado amidst reports he cheated on her.

Fallon surprised the audience by getting some help with the segment from Britney herself — but then upped the ante by explaining he created a real Tinder account to help the 32-year-old pop star and budding lingerie designer find that special someone.

Incidentally, Fallon helped Britney make the leap hours after she told People magazine she’d consider joining the dating app. “This is real,” Fallon said, showing her profile to the star, explaining, “I want to stress Britney had nothing to do with this…she has the password now…she can do whatever she wants with it.” Fallon asked, “Britney, are you excited to be on Tinder?” “Oh yeah, thrilled,” she said sarcastically.

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Nick Carter and Fiancée’s New Reality Show Premieres Wednesday Night

VH1If you love Nick Carter, you’ll want to tune in to his new reality show, I Heart Nick Carter.

The VH1 series will follow the Backstreet Boy as he prepares to marry his fiancée, Lauren Kitt. He’s the final member of the boy band to take the plunge, and that fact is not lost on him.

Carter explained to ABC News Radio why it’s taken so long for him to walk down the aisle: “Scared of it, didn’t necessarily believe in it. I had seen so many marital tragedies in the industry growing up. Also…as a really young child I was taught that love and family meant everything and whatever and all that stuff and it just kind of shattered.”

Carter isn’t too concerned that he and his fiancée are putting their love on display in a TV show. While couples such as Jessica Simpson-Nick Lachey and Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorced after starring on a reality program together, Carter insists they won’t suffer a similar fate. He says, “I’m like head over heels in love. And I know that she loves me like a lot, like intensely back. And so I feel that love should conquer all.”

Kitt says she’s been on the receiving end of verbal abuse and even death threats from some overzealous fans of Carter’s. But generally speaking, she’s okay with his female admirers — as long as they respect the couple’s privacy. She says, “When we’re on tour, have at it. That’s what he’s there for. When he’s on stage, he’s all yours ladies. When we’re at home, we’re in a restaurant, when we’re trying to be private taking a walk through a park, that’s ‘me’ time.” 

I Heart Nick Carter airs Wednesday night on VH1 at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

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Justin Bieber Strips Down on “Fashion Rocks” Special

Fashion RocksJustin Bieber delivered the most memorable moment on the CBS Fashion Rocks special on Tuesday night — and he didn’t even perform.

As he introduced Rita Ora alongside model Lara Stone, Justin stripped off his clothing. By the time he was done, he was only wearing his boxers. He explained that he doesn’t feel comfortable unless he’s in his “Calvins.” It’s been rumored since July that Justin had signed an endorsement deal with Calvin Klein, and that he’d be part of the brand’s fall campaign, so his move was more than mere fun.

Regardless of the reason, Justin didn’t receive a warm welcome from the crowd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. He was booed as he walked on stage — a fact that he may have been referencing when he later tweeted, “Grandma always said kill ‘em with kindness…and then strip on live national tv. Lol.” The tweet was accompanied by a Vine of the segment.

Justin also wrote, “Good times tonight. Thanks for having me tonight #FashionRocks. #mycalvins :)

The two-hour broadcast was filled with musical performances, starting with Usher‘s rendition of his new song “She Came to Give It to You.” Other musical guests included Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Nico & Vinz, MAGIC!, and Rita Ora, the latter of whom covered the David Bowie song “Fashion.”

Jennifer Hudson performed twice, including during a tribute to the disco era. 

Here is the set list for Fashion Rocks:

Usher, “She Came to Give It to You”
Miranda Lambert, “Little Red Wagon”
Pitbull featuring John Ryan, “Fireball”
Jennifer Hudson, “It’s Your World”
Enrique Iglesias featuring Sean Paul, “Bailando”
Nico & Vinz, “Am I Wrong”
Afrojack, “Ten Feet Tall”
Duran Duran, “Girl Panic!”
Jennifer Lopez, “Booty”
Luke Bryan, “I See You”
MAGIC!, “Rude”
Rita Ora, “Fashion” (David Bowie cover)
Nicki Minaj, “Anaconda”
The Band Perry, “DONE.”
KISS, “Rock and Roll All Nite”

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Sam Smith: If I Was Happy, My Music Might Suck

Credit: Derrick SantiniLike Adele, to whom he’s often compared, Sam Smith has turned his personal heartbreak into hit songs: many of the tracks on his album In the Lonely Hour, including “Stay with Me,” were inspired by his unrequited love for a man who didn’t reciprocate his feelings. And while Sam says that he’d really like to be in a happy relationship, he’s worried that it would have a negative effect on his music.

Asked by Q magazine if he believes there’s someone out there who’s perfect for him, Sam says, “God!  I hope so! That’s what I’m longing for.  But then, if I was happy, then maybe the music would be s**t?”

Sam claims he’s never been “in a proper relationship,” but he says he knows what type of guy he wants.  Or, rather, what type of guy he doesn’t want.

“Definitely nobody famous,” he tells Q magazine.  “I’ve never fancied a famous person, ever.  Is that weird?  I prefer regular Joes.”  He adds, “Thing is, over the years, I’ve dated some people who are, like REALLY gorgeous, and I’ve finally learned the lesson that all I want is someone to make me laugh.  It’s not about how you look.”

“So that’s what I’d say on a dating website,” he laughs. “‘Make me laugh!’”

While he’s looking for the perfect guy, Sam has no problem attracting admiration — albeit professional — from women:  Katy Perry, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are all among the women who’ve raved over him.  Mary J. Blige, with whom he recorded a version of his hit “Stay With Me,” has even tapped him to appear on her new album The London Sessions, which will be out December 2.

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Ariana Grande’s Manager Denies Diva Claims, Defends Her on Twitter

ABC/Richard HarbaughIf Justin Bieber‘s manager, Scooter Braun, jumped on Twitter to defend the Bieb every time he got into trouble, his fingers would never leave his keyboard.  But he couldn’t stand idly by and listen while people started spreading rumors about one of his other artists, Ariana Grande.

It all started when Ariana performed at the fundraising TV special Stand Up 2 Cancer this past Friday night.  Rumors flew that she was being a total diva on set, insisting that photographers only shoot her from her left side, stating that she’d refuse to answer certain questions, and storming off in a huff. Well, Scooter wasn’t going to stand for that.

He jumped on Twitter to defend her honor, writing in a series of posts, “@ArianaGrande is kind, caring, and more than anything she is a great human being. Some people make up rumors for a living….so…saying things about Ari comes with her now being a big star. But saying she isn’t a good person that ain’t gonna fly.”

“Just yesterday, she did an impromptu meet and greet for all her fans that almost got her kicked out of her hotel after a 14 hour work day,” he continued. “Why? because she knows u care so she does too. There is Zero truth to anything different. Enough is enough…& don’t get me started on JB!! Lol. Come on. Give the kid a break! Let him at least try to show u some truth! And I’m done.”

Ariana performed on Stand Up 2 Cancer in honor of her grandfather, who recently passed away from the disease.

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Colbie Caillat Unloads Home for $1.6 Million; Contributes to New Nicholas Sparks Movie Soundtrack

Credit: Kurt IswarienkoJust two months after putting in on the market, Colbie Caillat has sold her home in Westlake Village, CA, according to Realty Today.

The singer listed her home for $1.79 million in July, and just sold it for $1.6 million, which is what she paid for it when she bought it in 2010. 

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom home features hardwood flooring, high ceilings, French doors and a fireplace in the master bedroom, as well as a pool with a spa and an outdoor barbecue area.  At 3,600 square feet, though, it’s pretty modest by pop star standards.

This is the second real estate deal of 2014 for Colbie.  In March, she sold the home in Tarzana, California that she and her parents both lived in at one time.  That brought in $1.3 million.

In other Colbie Caillat news, she’s contributed a brand-new song called “In Love Again” to the soundtrack of the upcoming Nicholas Sparks movie, The Best of Me.  You may recall that Colbie previously contributed another song — her duet with Gavin DeGraw, “We Both Know” — to another Sparks movie, Safe Haven. 

The Best of Me soundtrack arrives October 7 and Colbie’s the only pop artist on it — everyone else is a country star, including Lady Antebellum, Hunter Hayes, and Kacey Musgraves.

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Bono Says U2 Was Paid by Apple for Free Album Giveaway

Interscope RecordsU2 is offering its new album, Songs of Innocence, for free on iTunes. But the band has still cashed in on the release.

U2 frontman Bono tells Time magazine he and his band mates were paid by Apple for the giveaway, though he wouldn’t say how much. He says, “I don’t believe in free music. Music is a sacrament.”

As for why U2 went the digital route to debut their new songs, Bono declared, “The charts are broken,” meaning there are many ways for listeners to consume music nowadays.

Songs of Innocence was posted on iTunes Tuesday afternoon, following Apple’s announcement of the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6. U2 will put out a physical edition of the album on October 13.

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Britney Spears Launches New Lingerie Collection in NYC

ABC NewsUnfortunately, Tuesday’s New York City launch of The Intimate Britney Spears Collection — Britney’s new line of lingerie and sleepwear — did not feature the star prancing down the runway in a bra and panties.  But there were more than enough scantily clad women onstage to make up for that.

The unveiling of Britney’s collection took place at, of all places, the New York City Public Library, in a beautiful room with a glass dome, with a white carpet, white chairs and chocolates with Britney wrappers for everyone.  The curtains on the stage parted to reveal a room done up like a simply decorated boudoir, with an old-fashioned gramophone in the corner. 

“The softest blush of roses, playing peek-a-boo on sheer nylon,” said Britney’s voice on the sound system. “Paint me satin, embroider me with mother-of-pearl.  Paint me feminine with a bow, and let me feel like a little girl.  This is the art of being a woman and remembering the feelings of a girl. The Intimate Britney Spears collection.”

What followed was a brief fashion show, where a variety of models of all races came out, one by one, onto the boudoir stage and modeled Britney’s creations.  The looks included everything from nightgowns and lounging pajamas, to sexy black bras, panties and garters, kimonos, bustiers, high-waisted panties and more innocent-looking lingerie sets.  The only thing each woman had in common was a large flower in her hair: there are ten individual lines, each one named after a flower, including Camellia and Ambrosia.

“This is what it looks like: a look that can hypnotize a man, and empower a woman,” said Britney in voice-over.  “The intimate Britney Spears collection, inspired by silk, silhouettes and promises.”

Finally, Britney herself took the stage, wearing a bright red, sleeveless jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.  “I wanna thank the beautiful models today, and all of you for coming,” she told the crowd. “This is something I’ve been working on for two and a half years, I’m really, really passionate about it and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have. Thank you all for coming.”  And then she was gone.

She later tweeted, “What an incredible experience! THANK YOU New York for being such a beautiful audience.”  Look for Britney on ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday, where she’ll chat more about her new venture.

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