Emily’s got you covered on weekends Saturdays from 2-7pm and Sundays from 4-8pm!

Hey guys! It’s Emily. I love sunshine, amazing music, going to concerts and talking to people like you!  So this is pretty much the perfect job, right? Minus the sunshine part. I’m working on getting a skylight installed in the studio…in the meantime, here’s the deets on me.

Favorite Z artist? Katy Perry

Celebrity Crush: John Mayer  (Don’t judge)

Celebrity you wish would fall off the face of the Earth: Scarlett Johansson (She seems like she’s a big fat faker, body and personality.  I read an article once that 10% of Americans hate her too.)

Last song you downloaded? “Save Rock ‘N Roll” – Fall Out Boy

Musical Guilty Pleasure? 90s pop music..ALL DAY!  Hello, retro lunch party!

Special talent (Other than rocking the airwaves!)  I play the drums!  I’m also really great at hula hoop-ing.

Favorite TV Show right now: New Girl- I think it might be the funniest thing EVER.

Favorite Z Moment: That time Paul Nykatura caught me freak dancing by myself in the Z studio to Flo-Rida.