Jennifer Lopez Says She’s “Been Around the Block;” Says “First Love” Was Inspired By Her Own Love Life

Joe Pugliese for BillboardIt’s no secret Jennifer Lopez hasn’t been so lucky in the romance department.  The singer — whose tenth studio album A.K.A. is out today — says her current single, “First Love,” mirrors her regrets about her own love life.

“The whole idea of the song is, when you do finally find that person, or you find somebody that you feel like you really click with, you wish you had met them years earlier, especially at this point in my life,” J-Lo explained on Tuesday’s Live with Kelly and Michael.

“We’ve all been through some stuff. You know, I’m Jenny from the Block, but I’ve also been around the block a couple of times,” she laughed. “And that’s what it is. You’re looking for that thing that you just go, ‘Oh gosh, I wish I would’ve met you in high school, and we would’ve just got married and we would’ve lived happily ever after, and had kids and had a great life.’”

Earlier this month, it was announced that Jennifer had split from her boyfriend of several years, choreographer Casper Smart. The two met in 2011 right, after she and ex-husband Marc Anthony broke up.

Now, Jen is focusing on her latest project, A.K.A.  Speaking about the album’s title, she explained, “I’m…known as J-Lo, also known as Jenny from the Block, also known as so many other things that I don’t have to mention right now. It’s been a lot of things! Also I do a lot of things. I’m actress and a singer, and I dabble in the business and the whole thing. So I just felt like A.K.A. is such a perfect title for me.”

Jennifer’s first single from the album, “I Luh Ya Papi,” was accompanied by a video that turned typical music video cliches on their heads: she was presented as being the one in charge, while half-naked men provided the eye candy, doing things that you normally see half-naked women do, like washing cars in slow motion.  On Live, J-Lo said the predominantly male film crew was uncomfortable during the entire shoot.

“All the men on the crew…they were just so uncomfortable,” Jennifer said. “You’ve seen this scene so many times with the girl sponging the car, right?…We had a guy do that in my video….And it was literally, we did one take and they were like, ‘That’s enough!’”

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