Jingle Bell Rock found by geocaching group


A group of local geocachers pose with the G. Thomas Jewelers, Manhattan Running Company Jingle Bell Rock. From left, Ryan Semmel, Amber Dembkowski, Elizabeth Stone and Kristina Schmidt.

The G. Thomas Jewelers, Manhattan Running Company Jingle Bell Rock has been found.

A team of Manhattan geocachers found the Jingle Bell Rock in Fairmount Park, which is located just across the Kansas River and north of the southeast entrance into the Little Apple.

“With Friday’s clues we were pretty sure it was over there,” said Ryan Semmel, who arrived at Manhattan Broadcasting Company after 1:30 p.m. Monday with fellow geocachers Kristina Schmidt, Elizabeth Stone and Amber Dembkowski. “We’re all geocachers, and of course, when something is hidden out in the wild we had to go find it.”

Daun Lesperance, who also helped with the search, was out of town.

By finding the annual Jingle Bell Rock, Semmel and company — who presented their “hunting tags” issued for qualification  — won over $4,000 in cash and prizes.

The first clues were read Dec. 1.

The group spoke with KMAN’s Cathy Dawes and shared with her how they found the rock. That full interview can be heard here:







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