The price of gas keeps skyrocketing, though one man in Phoenix, Ariz., is doing what he can to help out people in his community.

Jaswiendre Singh made the decision in March to under-price what he charges for gas versus what his supplier charges him. He’s kept it going since and is about 47 cents below his competitors.

“To give a break to the customer and my community. People don’t have the money right now,” Singh said to Phoenix’s 3TV/CBS 5. “My mother and my father did teach us to help if you have something. If you have something you have to share with other people.”

Singh said he’s losing about $500 per day, but he doesn’t care.

“God gave me help,” he said in the TV interview. “It doesn’t matter. We are not here to make money right now. I’m very happy to help the other people.”

In full disclosure, he’s still at $5.19 per gallon, so it’s not like he’s selling it at $2.50 or anything. But, right now, when one potentially has to take out a mortgage to get a full tank, any little bit helps.