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I am a graduate of K-State and a Wildcat fan since the age of 5 (possibly 4 and a half).  I enjoy most types of music, but mostly rock!  I absolutely love eagles, long walks on the beach, and scuba diving in my bathtub.  When not doing anything in particular, I’m bored.  I’m always up for a good time as long as it doesn’t involve tying lobsters to stop signs.  You can typically find me, somewhere.  The only time that I know for sure where I will be is on Friday nights from 1a-5a and Saturday nights from midnight-6a when I am on the air on Your Hit Music Channel, Z96.3!

Website:  Facebook, sorry to say
TV Show:  Good Eats
Movie:  Role Models
Book:  Robinson Crusoe
Hangout:  Mars.  I’ve never hung out there, but I think if I did it would be my favorite.
Vacation Destination:  Vacationy types of places
Restaurant:  Either OC or B-Dubs, fans of those restaurants know which ones they are
Flower:  Flowers? C’mon
Artist:  Nickelback (don’t be hatin’)
Song:    365 different songs, 366 in leap years
Color:  Blue
Actor:  Nicolas Cage
Actress:  Megan Fox (not for her acting skills)


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