Riley County Police Department find two card skimmers in county


Riley County Police have announced the financial card readers or skimmers found in Riley county were discovered in Ogden in the 400 block of Riley Avenue. A Shop Quik store is located at that address.

 Area residents are asked to keep an eye on their bank accounts if they use credit cards to pay for fuel.
 In a tweet and facebook post from RCPD with photos attached, it’s noted there are different types of skimmers with some external on gas pumps or ATMs, that blend in, or others that are internal and steal information electronically. KMAN has also shared the photos on our social media accounts.
 Two apparent financial card readers or “skimmers” were found inside fuel pumps at two Wamego convenience stores last week on October 4th. These were seized by the Wamego Police Department after discovering them during routine fuel pump inspections at The Last Stop and Red Raider Express. It is unknown how long the skimmers had been inside the pumps.
 The Wamego police department also took several reports recently from Wamego residents documenting fraudulent activity on their debit card or credit card accounts that occurred in other cities.

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