Soldier of the Month

Soldier of the Month

Honoring the dedicated men and women serving our country at home and abroad. One soldier each month will receive an award and gift pack from GTM, Mcdonalds of Manhattan, Wamego & Junction City, and Briggs Auto Lane.

Congratulations to Z96.3′s Soldier of the Month for August, SSG Keith Chase!

SSG Keith Chase

Nominated by: Lisa Chase

I am nominating Keith for many reasons, but will try to keep it short. He was in the Army for 8 years and decided to get out, 17 years later he wanted to go back in and worked hard to achieve that in 2007. He has been to Iraq and Afghanistan where he was injured by an IED blast on 12/17/13. He is a combat Engineer and while on patrol the bomb went off right under his seat. He had/has a TBI but has recovered quickly, but we still deal with a few issues. He is a strong leader and places his Soldiers above himself. He makes sure they are taken care of and on the right track for promotions, education etc. He does not think of himself as a hero and is embarrassed when people thank him for his service. He responds with a quiet thank you and I’m only doing my job. He is my hero. I have been married to him for 26 years and I cannot think of a person more deserving. He is a strong positive role model for the young Soldiers. He is respected and always available to his men. Just recently he joined CVMA. Combat Vets Motorcycle Association..Vets helping Vets is the motto and he has jumped in to make sure no Vet has to do without or if they need help they get it.