Soldier of the Month

Soldier of the Month

Honoring the dedicated men and women serving our country at home and abroad. One soldier each month will receive an award and gift pack from GTM, Mcdonalds of Manhattan, Wamego & Junction City, and Briggs Auto Lane.

Congratulations to Z96.3′s Soldier of the Month for July, Michael Moore!


Michael is not only my husband and best friend, he’s my hero. He works hard, long hours and comes home to be a husband to me and an amazing father to his three children and my two. In addition to that he has coached his softball team on post for two years now.He works so hard but still seems to take time to take his boys fishing or to read a book to his daughter. He takes the time to make me feel like i’m the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m not sure how he does it or how there is enough time in the day to be everything to everryone one but he does it. I’m so proud of him for so many reasons and thankful I have him in my life.


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