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Principal tried to end school year early, became folk hero to kids everywhere

Parents of students at a public school in New York City forced the principal to reverse course after she announced that she was ending school a week early. Stacy Goldstein, the head of something called School of the Future in NYC, which sounds vaguely cultish, sent out an email to parents last week letting them [...]

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We finally know the sweet spot on when to cut off coffee drinking

Finally, science has come up with a useful study! A team of researchers in Scotland looked into how late in the day you can drink coffee WITHOUT it effecting your sleep. That answer? Six hours before bed. “Caffeine is consumed daily by roughly 80% of the world’s population, often for its benefits in promoting wakefulness [...]

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Cookies, chips top go-to snacks

When it comes to snacking, Americans are the undisputed champions of the world. Of course, we *might* be a touch biased, there. Still, we know a thing or two about that mid-morning, mid-afternoon or late-night snack. And we most likely learned about it from our parents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Elr5K2Vuo Seemed timely. A new study conducted on behalf [...]

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Inflatable furniture, cork boards among things that shouldn’t be in your home over 30

If you've hit the Big 3-0, it's time to take a look at your interior decorating and start "adulting up" the apartment. An interior designer was asked what shouldn't be in a home any longer after you turn 30 and he came up with a top 10. Inflatable furniture. "Made from plastic and full of hot [...]

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Welcome to the next great online debate: What are these people chanting?

I'm having flashbacks to dresses and "Laurel." There is a grand debate going on online over a clip that TikTok user Keegan Stiles posted on his account. In the clip, which can also be seen below, you hear a group of people chanting...something. It's a little garbled, and they're...British? Maybe? Regardless, it's hard to exactly [...]

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We treat our pets like kings and queens

Happy Pet Appreciation Week! Or, for those of us dog lovers, “Wednesday.” A poll conducted by Stella & Chewy’s  shows that 94 percent of pet owners try to make their pets feel loved on a regular basis. Of which I see no problem. A further two-thirds admit to treating their pets better than even themselves. Again, [...]

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How many dates does it take to get serious?

With Pandemic restrictions slowly being lifted, and with it the return something resembling normalcy, it's time to put yourself back out there on the dating pool! The first thing you'll have to do is remember how to interact with people in person. Social skills are definitely something that have atrophied over the last year plus. [...]

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Top things we miss about childhood include not working, no responsibilities

The feeling usually comes after about the fiftieth email. It's about then, after we acknowledge the group project email with one of our own sent to the manager and him alone, only to receive about twenty reply-alls, we think, "God, I miss being a kid and not having to deal with this." But what do [...]

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“Super Flower Blood Moon” rises Wednesday

This week brings the opportunity to see the year's biggest 'supermoon.' Unless you're in Kansas, of course. Stupid rain. The "Super Flower Blood Moon" will arc across the sky Wednesday, marking 2021's only total lunar eclipse. The event will have the moon appear in the sky about seven percent larger than average, which is awesome. [...]

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Goodwill asks that people stop being trashy

The following is a public service announcement from Goodwill. PLEASE STOP DONATING GARBAGE. This is an actual thing that is happening. Donations to Goodwill and for-profit thrift stores has been up since the beginning of the pandemic as people had more time to go through their closet. While it's awesome that you can take someone's [...]

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