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Sunshine, vacation top things we don’t get enough of

What’s one thing you think you need more of? Yes, money CAN be an acceptable answer, however, look deeper. A recent study of 2,000 adults showed more than a quarter say they don’t get enough exercise, while other answers include getting out in the sun or even just more vacation time. “We all have some [...]

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NORAD prepping the hot cocoa for the annual Santa tracker

The countdown is on to Santa's big trip around the world and, for the 66th year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command will be manning the Santa Tracker. The NORAD Santa Tracker website is already live in preparation for Christmas Even, with a full interactive Santa's Village for you to explore. And then, starting at [...]

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Battle loneliness by going for a solo stroll in the woods

If you're feeling a little isolated this holiday season, the solution may be to isolate yourself even further. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Researchers have published findings in Scientific Reports that show getting in contact with nature can greatly alleviate feelings of loneliness. This is especially true for those [...]

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Candy Cane Crisis Crunches Christmas Cheer

Why, yes, we DID hit the elusive SEXTUPLE alliteration with that headline. We regret nothing. What is regretful, however, is that we didn't stock up on candy canes this holiday season, as there is a Candy Cane Crisis (TM Fox Business). The usual suspect is being blamed (Thanks, COVID), but also a weakness in peppermint [...]

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Wichita considered among best cities for Christmas

There’s a headline I didn’t expect to see today. Wallet Hub put out a ranking of the Best Places for Christmas, and Wichita came in ranked at 31. Atlanta, GA, was considered the best city to be in for the holiday. As this is Wallet Hub, the rankings are basted on how much things cost. [...]

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How to make the perfect cup of Hot Chocolate

Finally, some news that we can actually get behind! Monday is National Cocoa Day, and, in the spirit of such a hallowed holiday, people went online and gave their "hacks" to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Use two ounces of espresso, plus a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon. Top it with marshmallows, then [...]

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Olivia Rodrigo named “Time” Entertainer of the Year

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lehXwu77u3U Time is gearing up for the annual Person of the Year reveal on Monday, which is being done exclusively via YouTube for the first time ever, but they did announce some of the side categories already. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that the Entertainer of the Year is Olivia Rodrigo. The last 12 [...]

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Tips to keep your spending in check for the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. That time of the year for family, friends, ridiculous amounts of credit card bills. It's almost easier to rack up charges between November and December than our friend Steve's special eggnog recipe is to drink. We don't know what he puts in it, but that stuff is SMOOOOOOOOTH. If you need help [...]

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Most mispronounced words of 2021 include Cheugy, Billie Eilish

We've seen a lot of new words pop up in the American vocabulary over the last year and, apparently, no one knows how to actually say "Cheugy." The U.S. Captioning Company are the ones that do the subtitles for real time events, like football games and the like. They released their list of words that [...]

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Get alcohol, baked goods for holiday party host

Scenario: You're invited to a (insert holiday here) party. Etiquette says you bring something for the host. So, what do you bring? You really can't ever go wrong with a bottle of alcohol, be it wine, scotch, or otherwise. A survey conducted by LendingTree says that 65 percent of Americans who plan on going to [...]

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