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Pizza, burgers top list of food we’d eat daily

Happy National Eat What You Want Day! These National ____ Days are so weird, but at least the food ones I can get behind. According to National Today, the first ever diet book was written in 1558 and was titled The Art of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro. Today, however, take that book and throw [...]

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Pizza Champion of U.S. not New York, Chicago

This is a bit upsetting, really. Food & Wine magazine decided to rank the states based on their pizza, releasing the top 10 only. No, Kansas isn't on here. WE INVENTED PIZZA HUT, FOOD & WINE, THAT SHOULD LEAVE US PERPETUALLY IN THE TOP 10!!! *Ahem* The number one state, according to whomever decides this stuff, is [...]

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Millennials starting to say “Middle Aged Things”

The first batch of Millennials are joining the 40 Club. Yes, Gen X and Boomers, Millennials aren't perennially 20-year-olds. Take a moment. I know this is a shock. Time moves forward. Anyway, there's a discussion amongst Millennials on Reddit where they're sharing the "most middle aged thing" they've recently caught themselves saying. It has [...]

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What are some “bad friend” red flags?

We've all got those friends that we're not 100 percent sure are really our friends. Those people that you're pretty sure talk crap about you behind your back, never really seem interested in what you have to say, that kind of thing. Buzzfeed put together a list of 'red flags' from a Reddit thread so [...]

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Trouble waking up? Rock out first thing!

Like most everyone, you probably wake up feeling a little groggy in the morning (or late afternoon if you work third shift). Unless you're one of those "Morning People." Who are clearly evil. Apparently, you don't have to suffer when the alarm goes off. According to SCIENCE!, the best way to wake up alert and [...]

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Food Network recipe for POPCORN AND MAYO salad goes viral

This is an April Fools prank, right? It's got to be. So, there's a recipe from the Food Network that's gone viral for "Crunchy Snap Pea Popcorn Salad." The host who inflicted this abomination on the world is Molly Yeh. It's made with popcorn, white cheddar flavoring (OK so far), then mix in a bowl [...]

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So you’ve gotten your COVID vaccine…now what?

Vaccine rollouts are increasing nationwide for the COVID-19 shots, with over 9,400 fully vaccinated in Riley County as of Monday. But what do you do after? Some experts have listed things you SHOULDN'T be doing: Don't take over-the-counter meds like Advil or Tylenol before your shot. It could interfere with the immune response. I don't know [...]

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Take the Plunge with Z96.3 for Special Olympics Kansas

The Polar Plunge is back and we encourage you to join in the fun! Even if you’re not plunging this year you’re invited to cheer on those that do… While Special Olympics and our courageous athletes have been sidelined for the last 11 months due to COVID-19, we are getting nearer and nearer to being able to [...]

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Oscar Mayer is releasing bacon-scented shoelaces

Apparently, Oscar Mayer has declared war on your shoes, and it's army is every dog in the world. The meat company has announced they are giving out bacon-scented shoelaces. These things even look like strips of bacon. That's going to end up being the worst hangover breakfast for someone. Ever. It's to celebrate the Nike [...]

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Adulting 101: Loading the Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher at home that isn't your left and right hands, then you know the convenience it allows. It can also ruin certain items in your kitchen. Here's a handy list gathered from the Food Network. And no, we're totally not putting this up passive aggressively for our roommate to read. STOP [...]

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