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College students by a ticket for an airplane…for fast food

Find someone who loves you like these guys love Chick-fil-A. A college cross country team in New York were hot to find the fast food chicken but didn’t have a restaurant nearby. The closest was 90 minutes away, which, a three hour round trip for Chick-fil-A is not the craziest college road trip I’ve ever [...]

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Stranger Things 4 Teaser shows (SPOILER) IS (SPOILER)

SERIOUSLY, SPOILERS FOLLOW The teaser trailer for Stranger Things 4 dropped on Friday and we'll just rip that Band-Aid right off: SHERIFF HOPPER  IS ALIVE!!! I've been stressing a little. He's apparently alive and working on a Russian prison work team, or something, but HOPPER LIVES! Granted, the showrunners spoiled the surprise in the teaser [...]

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Billie Eilish Releases Full Video For “No Time To Die”

Billie Eilish dropped her highly anticipated theme for the upcoming 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die on Friday, and then followed up with a haunting music video on Sunday. The song follows the Daniel Crag Bond trend of being a little more somber than the Pierce Brosnan themes, though Eilish goes even deeper [...]

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Camila Cabello drops new video for “My Oh My”

Camila Cabello just premiered a new video for "My Oh My", her collaboration with Da Baby and it's...interesting. The story of the video is apparently a 1940s silent film star who doesn't get a role she wants, or an actor she wants to work with, and goes on a bender with Da Baby in response. [...]

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Elvis Duran: Skeery Jones Admits Who On The Morning Show He Had A Crush On

Skeery Jones went 'down in the dm's' on @ElvisDuranShow on Instagram to answer questions from our followers. One of the questions asked by @jcoello13 was: "Have you ever had a crush with anyone on the show?" And guess what.... Skeery answered it! "Well maybe back in the day," Skeery begins to answer, "I've been working here since I [...]

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New term for dumping someone right before Valetine’s Day: Valentighting

Here’s a new dating term to go in the pantheon of ‘ghosting’, ‘breadcrumbing’,  and  ‘cuffing season’: Valentighting. The term was coined by Metro UK writer Ellen Scott last year as ” “the heartbreaking act of dumping someone right before Valentine’s Day, because you’re too tight to get them a gift, write a card, or make any kind of [...]

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Elvis Duran: Girl Goes On Date To Find Guy Lied About His Height

Intern Mackenzie stepped into the studio Monday morning to tell Elvis Duran about a date she had over the weekend. Mackenzie used the dating app Hinge after being told it was the app everyone was using lately to have an 'honest' relationship. Now, Mackenzie is 5'2" and really has no preference when it comes to height. However, when she matched [...]

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Billie Eilish stuns during Oscars’ In Memoriam Tribute

Billie Eilish performed a moving tribute to those who are no longer with us during Sunday's Academy Awards, which also began with a tribute to Kobe Bryant. The "Bad Guy" singer belted out a moving cover of The Beatles' "Yesterday" accompanied by her brother and collaborator FINNEAS. The segment, which was introduced by legendary [...]

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