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Coffee can add years to your life

SCORE! The American College of Cardiology has just reaffirmed my lifestyle choices with a new study that says drinking two to three cups of coffee a day can add YEARS to your life. This was a very comprehensive study, as well. It tracked over 400,000 people for around a decade. The results fly in the [...]

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Pepsi, IHOP team for new syrupy soda

When people complain that their soda is 'too syrupy,' that isn't a suggestion, Pepsi. The cola company announced a new abomination this week. In a collaboration with IHOP, you, too, can try Maple Syrup Pepsi. That sound you hear is millions of people getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. To win a single, 12-ounce can, [...]

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Lost skills include map reading, wiring plugs

Yeah, you read the headline right. Wiring plugs. The list comes from a poll of adults listing off what "traditional skills and hobbies" aren't being used as much. Wiring plugs came in at No. 13. Were all of the adults polled electricians? Because I know myself well enough to know that I should be nowhere [...]

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Life hack: take your suitcase grocery shopping

This is...a choice. A woman on TikTok has revealed a "life hack" for making grocery shopping easier: bring your suitcase with you. Pretty sure grocery stores will frown on that. She says that she brings a carry-on bag to the store and loads it up after she's done shopping and checks out. I mean, I [...]

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Sleep expert pinpoints nap sweet spot

Awwwww...kitty! Naps can be a tricky endeavor. You have to balance out that sweet, sweet extra sleep time with not going so long that you, 1) feel worse when you wake up, and 2) don't screw up your full night sleep. Thankfully, a sleep expert has come up with the perfect duration for [...]

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We’re arguing over toasters now

I shouldn't be surprised that people are doing this, but I am. The Next Great Internet Argument is over toasters. Specifically, over whether or not to put the appliance away when you're not using it. Yes, I know. This ridiculousness started with this tweet: https://twitter.com/lottyburns/status/1496444551128657924 And was subsequently picked up by a Philadelphia news station: [...]

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