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Chill out this weekend for National Relaxation Day

This is one of those weird "National Day of..." that we can get behind. Non-food division. Saturday, Aug. 15, is National Relaxation day and, let's be honest, this is definitely something the world needs right now. Mental Floss has a list of things you can do to relax. Get a house or office plant. Avoid [...]

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The secret to avoid freezer burn on ice cream

Freezers are stocked with ice cream right now, which may be the one positive side effect of the Coronatine (tm), but that could lead to the dreaded F-word. Freezer burn. *Shudder* However, Ben & Jerry have a suggestion to beat the Freezer Burn Plague upon your ice cream house. The science says that, when you [...]

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Explosive situation turns out to be beef stick

*Sigh* Of course this had to happen in Kansas. It couldn't have happened in Florida. Or Arkansas. Noooooo. Police in Greensburg, located west of Wichita about two hours, were called to a parked car in front of a business that someone claimed had a stick of DYNAMITE on the front bumper. Greensburg PD and fire [...]

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Dad has totally rational, appropriate response to gender reveal

That's totally sarcasm, by the way. One of my favorite parts of Reddit is the subreddit "Am I the A$$^%le" (Note: edited to be SFW.). It's where people post up supposedly real stories asking if they were overreacting or not to something. In this particular case, a guy in his early 30s allegedly stormed out [...]

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Mac and cheese…for breakfast?!?!?

I love macaroni-and-cheese as much as the next person, but for breakfast?!?! Apparently, though, that's Kraft's new big push, as a very scientific survey found that 56 percent of parents are allowing their kids eat mac-and-cheese for breakfast more and more during the pandemic. So, they're giving out special edition boxes labeled "Macaroni & Cheese [...]

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New kitchen challenge may make you ditch wooden spoons

This is gross. A kitchen challenge is making the rounds where you take an old wooden spoon and boil it for 20 minutes. The results are...let's just say I'm never using a wooden spoon again. Or at least, more than once. This comes from a judge on MasterChef Australia, who presented the boiling as a way to [...]

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Looking for love in all the wrong ages

Having trouble in the dating pool? You may be looking in the wrong age bracket. A relationship expert in Sydney, Australia, says to skip single guys in their thirties. The reason? That particular age group most likely has commitment issues. Jana Hocking says the thirties are when most guys should be settled down and starting [...]

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Viral video shows why you don’t mess with fire

Okay, kids, pop quiz. Someone jilts you. Do you: Dump them and move on? Have a revenge one night stand? Set fire to their car and get caught up in the blowback? Most people will pick 1, maybe 2. Kelly Hayes, 34, of Madison, WI, allegedly picked 3 and went viral with it. The [...]

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Why restaurant burritos taste better than homemade

Let's be real, when you make burritos at home, most of the time they don't taste or look quite like they do at a restaurant. Mostly, ours end up being an open-faced burrito. Because we're terrible at the wrapping. Anyway, here's a video to explain how to get those restaurant quality burritos. To boil it [...]

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Happy National Tequila Day, followed by National I Regret Everything Day

The nation comes together today to celebrate one of our most treasured holidays: National Tequila Day. Ug. I think I just had a flashback to college and threw up in my mouth a little. Anyway, here are the top ten states for tequila consumption, according to Zippia. Nevada Colorado Arizona California Maryland Texas New Hampshire [...]

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