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Favorite winter drinks surprisingly don’t include ‘straight alcohol’

The internet has spoken and hot chocolate and eggnog top the list of favorite winter drinks. The website YouGov put up a poll, because that's it's entire purpose as a site, asking for favorite wintry beverages. The results are actually pretty alcohol-filled, though in 2020, I expected more "straight whiskey" or "Tequila. Lots of tequila." [...]

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“Better Call Saul”, “Lovecraft Country” top Rolling Stone’s best shows of 2020

It’s “Best of…” list season! Rolling Stone has put out their list of the top shows of 2020. This also marks the first year that I recognize more than two or three shows on the list, because I’ve had a ridiculous amount of time to binge watch. Here is their top 20: Better Call Saul (AMC) Lovecraft [...]

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2020 now has a movie trailer

Good lord, this has been a long year. An enterprising individual put together a movie trailer for 2020. It covers everything, starting with the wildfires in Australia (don't feel bad, I forgot that was this year, also) up to current day stuff. The crazy thing is, it's all real footage. Nothing is dramatized. I'm so [...]

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New Music Friday: Ariana drops “Positions”, Ty Dolla $ign some collabs

Some new music for your ear buds this morning! Ariana Grande dropped her latest single, "Positions", and the accompanying video puts her in the White House. Check it out below! Ty Dolla $ign also has a new album out, and some heavy hitters join the rapper on Featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The title is [...]

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Sophia, Liam top most popular baby names

It's that time of the year when we start getting the "most popular dot dot dot of the year" lists. This one is easily the cutest. Babycenter.com released it's annual rundown of the most popular baby names of 2020. This is based on data for more than 520,000 parents. Not a lot of changes from [...]

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Funny costumes most, political least attractive

Looking for a hookup on Halloween? Go funny with your costume! The website Dating.com has a survey just in time for next week that says nearly 70% of respondents find funny costumes the most attractive. Political costumes were at the bottom, as 68% of men and 52% of women did not like them. "Halloween is [...]

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Topeka teen has weird night

Shawnee County deputies responded to a reported disturbance Saturday morning in NoTo that...well...got weird. The call came in around 3:30 a.m. at Petro Deli. Upon arrival, deputies found a 17-year-old male that had covered himself in ranch dressing, while naked, damaged property inside the business, then tried to flee in his vehicle before crashing into [...]

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New Tik Tok trend lets parents rip their kids

A new trend on TikTok is giving parents a chance to air their grievances with their kids. Because that will end well. So, parents are recording a video for the app where their kids, generally high school-aged to young adult, are in the background and the parents write a caption about how terrible they are. [...]

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Win with Rivalry Riches from the Kansas Lottery and the Z!

You could score $25,000 INSTANTLY with the Kansas Lottery and Z96.3! Each day this week during the All Request Lunch Break, Jen will take the first caller at (785) 776-1963! Be fast enough on your phone, and you could walk away with a Rivalry Riches instant scratch ticket, which could potentially net you $25,000! PLUS, you [...]

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A lot of states like cheese pizza…like a lot

We've been known to down a slice of pizza or...a large on occasion (EAT LOCAL PIZZA!), so this hits us in the right spot. A survey of Americans by the survey website Zippia in honor of National Pizza Month shows that cheese pizza is the most popular style of pizza among the states. A [...]

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