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Kansas City in top 50 coffee cities in the U.S.

As the air gets a little crisper, and the spices get a little more pumpkin, nothing hits just right in the morning than a good, steaming cup of coffee. But where to get that sweet, sweet java? Thankfully, WalletHub did the science for us, comparing coffee shops/houses/cafes per capita to the average price per [...]

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WildKAT Chase celebrates 25th year with benefit for Sunflower CASA

Join Z96.3 in helping the K-State chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta raise funds for the Sunflower CASA! Kappa Alpha Theta is hosting the 25th WildKAT Chase Sunday, Oct. 3, at Bosco Plaza at K-State. Proceeds raised from the 5K will benefit the Sunflower CASA, a child advocacy organization that works to provide abused and neglected [...]

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Lil Nas X, Justin Bieber, Olivia Rodrigo win top awards at MTV VMAs

Olivia Rodrigo broke MTV Sunday night during the 2021 MTV VMAs. Literally. Well, maybe not literally. We assume the final shot of her performance of "good 4 u" was a special effect, as she threw the mic into the camera to "break" it. Though, as someone who has used cameras before, those lenses are ridiculously [...]

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More people claim their phone is their most important possession

I'm not sure why this is surprising people, but it is. According to a new poll, 39 percent of Americans say their phone is their most important possession. Again, this is to the shock of like five people still clinging to their old flip phone that really doesn't do much more than *gasp* call people. [...]

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Power Power Play returns at new location

After a year away (coughthankscovidcough), Purple Power Play returns to get the Wildcat nation hyped up for the home opener Saturday against Southern Illinois. The pep rally will look different in 2021, however. For starters, it is one night only on Friday. The other change is that it will be at Blue Earth Plaza, rather [...]

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We’ve peaked on the pumpkin spice craze

Just when we were wondering if we would ever hit the Pumpkin Spice Ceiling, Bud Light has shown us where it is. It was announced recently that the beer brand will start selling their so-called "Fall Flannel" collection. The collection will feature four "fall" flavored hard seltzers: Pumpkin Spice, Maple Pear, Apple Crisp and Toasted [...]

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We’ve been brushing our teeth wrong in the morning

My whole life has been a lie. We've been told to brush our teeth after eating pretty much our whole lives, but an oral health expert in Great Britain says NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND. TM Lee Corso. Dental therapist Anna Peterson dropped a TikTok video explaining that we should brush BEFORE breakfast. Otherwise, we [...]

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10 questions to ask before getting married

Thinking about getting married, especially if it's the first time for you, can seem a bit overwhelming. You're considering merging your life with someone else's. What if you're not that compatible? Will your families be able to co-exist? What are their finances? What if they hated the Saved By The Bell reboot? Thankfully, the fine [...]

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We are productive for 4 hours and 12 minutes during the workday

If the Pandemic has shown us anything over the last 18 or so months, it's that a tiny piece of material across your face can incite violent reactions. If it's shown us a second thing, it's that we don't necessarily work a full eight hours during the workday. Zippia asked people just how much time [...]

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Tailgate with the Kansas Lottery and the Z!

Football season is almost here! And Z96.3 has teamed up with the Kansas Lottery to hook you up with your own tailgate set up, INCLUDING THE TAILGATE! Starting Monday, Aug. 23, and through Friday, Sept. 3, we’re giving you a chance to win a Silverado instant scratch ticket from the Kansas Lottery! With that instant scratch [...]

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