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New TikTok trend proves Coronatine has broken us

So, this is a thing that's happening. TikTok users are posting videos of themselves chopping wood, then dancing, then insulting themselves, then having another of version of themselves join them in a dance party. All set to DVBBS' "GOMF." This was started last May by comedian Casey Frey and it's started to get popular, possibly [...]

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Elvis Duran: ‘Stay at Home Ball’ to be replayed featuring bonus performances

Elvis Duran has announced the replay of his Stay At Home Ball for this Saturday, May 2nd at 7pm ET to benefit Project C.U.R.E. To augment the supply of PPE over the past months, Project C.U.R.E. has conducted supply drives across the U.S. These efforts have provided 66 pallets of donated medical supplies that have been distributed to health care [...]

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A $250,000 cautionary tale

We say it every year when severe weather season hits, but someone last week became a living meme to highlight the importance of not driving across flooded roadways. Someone on Twitter captured video of a McLaren 600LT, worth approximately $256,000, being driven through a flooded roadway during some of the intense downpours the southeast had [...]

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Whiteman Air Force pilots conduct flyover to honor KC frontline workers

Whiteman Air Force Base paid tribute Tuesday to Kansas City area first responders, military members, essential personnel and volunteers during this pandemic. A flyover was conducted by one B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, four T-38 Talons and two A-10 Thunderbolt IIs. You can see the flight plan they followed below. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're [...]

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NFL Draft: No, you didn’t see what you thought you saw in Mike Vrable’s house

So, the NFL draft was last weekend. We'll let the sports guys from The Game on KMAN handle the analysis on how the Chiefs did. What we do want to point out is this: That is Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrable surrounded by his children. We'll call them, left [...]

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Zoom fatigue growing as quarantining continues

A new phenomenon is popping up as we continue to social distance: "Zoom fatigue." According to USA Today, Zoom fatigue is an increase in anxiousness or becoming exhausted due to too many video chats. Basically, we're not wired for them, which makes them more stressful. Here is why the experts say that is: Too much [...]

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‘One World’ special to air Saturday

We are living in unprecedented times, which is leading to an unprecedented team-up this weekend. Late night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert will host One World: Together at Home Saturday, which will be broadcast across all of the major networks (coughexceptFoxcough). It will also be streamed on a multitude of platforms. [...]

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Quarantining resurrects the phone call

An unintended benefit of social distancing and the stay-at-home orders in a majority of states is that we are using our phones as actual phones more. I know, right? I forgot they called people, also. A recent survey on YouGov shows that 31% of respondents are using phone calls as [...]

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Sam Smith, Demi Lovato go for gold in ‘I’m Ready’ video

A highly anticipated video from Sam Smith and Demi Lovato dropped on Youtube last night and it's gold! I'm sorry. I had to. The theme of the sees the powerhouse duo singing about putting ones self back out there for love, all centered around an LGBT+ Olympics, for lack of a better term. “I gotta [...]

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