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Sharon Osbourne Reveals Daughter Aimee Was in Hollywood Studio Fire That Killed One

A structure fire at a Hollywood recording studio hit too close to home for Sharon Osbourne, who shared the Los Angeles Times story while revealing that her daughter Aimee was one of the fire's victims.

According to the Times, one person died in the fire while an additional two were injured. Taking to her Instagram early Friday morning, Osbourne shared that the two who survived were Aimee and her producer.

"Today my daughter @aro_officialmusic was working in a recording studio at this building with her producer," Osbourne wrote, captioning an image of the LA Times story. "They are the lucky two that made it out alive."

Per the news report, the survivors suffered smoke exposure during the fire that broke out Thursday night. They reportedly declined to be taken to the hospital.

According to L.A. Fire Captain Erick Scott, 78 firefighters took on the fire, putting it out in just under an hour. "Our firefighters took a beating," Scott told the Times.

"It is utterly heartbreaking that someone lost their life today in this fire & we are sending our prayers to this person & their family," wrote Osbourne. "What happened today was beyond horrific."

The blaze occurred at a two-story industrial building that holds several recording studios. The cause of the blaze remains under investigation by the Los Angeles Fire Department's arson investigation team.

Despite the ongoing investigation, Osbourne wrote that she hoped "buildings like this are better regulated for fire safety" in the future. While firefighters said the building was not fully occupied, Osbourne noted that "Producers, musicians, mixers & artists also lost all of their equipment."

Aimee is the eldest and more private of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's three children together. She famously declined to be a part of "The Osbournes" reality show that made stars of the rest of them.

Her relationship with her entire family has been complex and at times strained, with her speaking openly at times about not appreciating some of the antics of her parents and siblings on television.

Aimee performs and records music under the moniker ARO, her initials. Her music production has been slow and sporadic, but recently told Rolling Stone she is trying to muster up the courage to release an extensive library of songs she's already recorded.

Her latest track, "Against Mine," was released last month. It is the first song released in a year and only the fifth on the page, which has been live for seven years.

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Dave Chappelle’s Alleged Attacker Charged with Attempted Murder — of Roommate

The man charged with attacking Dave Chappelle while he was on stage at the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival is now facing an even bigger charge: attempted murder.

According to the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, 23-year-old Isaiah Lee was arrested and charged after an alleged incident at a transitional living facility. According to the DA's office, Lee was charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his roommate in December 2021. Lee has pleaded not guilty to this felony charge.

Lee charged and tackled Chappelle on-stage. Eyewitness reports and fan cameras at the scene have stated that security was able to capture Chappelle's assailant as he attempted to flee, breaking his arm in the process.

He was taken to a hospital via ambulance and subsequently arrested and charged in that incident. Lee pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of battery, possession of a deadly weapon and two additional counts related to interfering with a public event. He remains in jail.

According to ABC News, the DA's office was initially holding Lee on suspicion of a larger felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon because of a replica gun with a blade attached. The office ultimately decided Lee was not brandishing the weapon, and so these charges were not pursued.

According to prosecutors, it was the publicity surrounding the Chappelle attack that helped them identify their suspect in this other case, and ultimately arrest him.

The victim in the December attack identified his alleged attacker after watching news coverage of the Chappelle attack. Lee pleaded not guilty on Thursday to this newest charge and will next appear in court June 2.

The attack on Chappelle, coming on the heels of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock over a joke at the Oscars, has sent shockwaves through the comedy community, with many expressing outrage and frustration and even concern about facing similar attacks during their performances.

Howie Mandel said that he has reservations about even performing live again after the back-to-back attacks. Kevin Hart, though, has a different take on the whole incident. Considering Chappelle's attacker was taken down in pretty brutal fashion, he believes this sends a strong message to any future would-be attackers.

"Somebody getting their ass whipped sends a message out to other people that was like, 'You know, I was thinking about doing that, but seeing that, I don't really want to do that,'" said Hart on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" earlier this month.

"Ultimately, these moments of unprofessionalism should not break professionals. They shouldn't shape or mold the world that we're now being seen or viewed in," he continued. "It's time to get back to a place of respect for your live entertainer."

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Viola Davis Recalls a Director Calling Her By His Maid’s Name

It's been more than 20 years, but an experience that happened to her as a younger actress has stayed with Viola Davis all these years because of the deeper implications of that moment.

While talking as part of Variety and Kering's Women in Motion discussion at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, the Oscar-winning actress remembered a time that a director had called her by the wrong name.

But it's not just that he called her by a name not her own, but the name he chose.

"He called me Louise," she shared. "And I found out it was because his maid's name was Louise." To make matters worse, Davis noted that she'd "known him for, like, ten years." And it turns out it wasn't even an isolated incident, but rather it happened repeatedly.

After a decade of knowing him as a colleague and a professional and possibly even a friend, calling her the name of another Black person in their world is demeaning and dismissive of her individuality. It also feeds into ugly stereotypes.

"I was maybe around 30 at the time, so it was a while ago," said Davis. "But what you have to realize is that those microaggressions happen all the time."

Davis was asked if her prominent role on "How to Get Away with Murder," working alongside Black creator Shonda Rhimes, and her other acclaimed works is making a difference. Does she see progress?

After saying, "Yes," and then pausing for a moment, Davis acknowledged that she says that, but truthfully she doesn't know. So she amended her answer to, "I hope." At the same time, she acknowledged that even after her Emmy-winning turn on "HTGAWM" she doesn't see a lot of dark-skinned women in lead roles on television or streaming.

"So once again that goes into ideology and ethos and mentality, and that's speaking in the abstract," she continued. "Why aren't you hiring a dark-skinned woman when she walks in the room and you say she blows you away? Then create space and storytelling for her so that when she thrives, she's not thriving despite of her circumstances, she's thriving because of the circumstances."

The story of Louise came up when she was talking about the challenges of getting Black women into roles that step outside of stereotype. She said that while she'd have no problem getting a film made with her as the mother of a gangbanger shot in a drive-by, change her character to a woman in her 50s flying to Nice for a sexual awakening by sleeping with five women, and people can't get past her Blackness to see that.

"People can’t reconcile the Blackness with the spiritual awakening and the sexuality. It’s too much for them," she said.

"It's too much when you look like my maid, Louise," she said off the cuff. And then, by explanation, she shared how that persona came to be a part of her story and has stayed with her all these years.

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Bethenny Frankel Responds to Erika Jayne Saying ‘Her Guy’s Dead’ About Late Boyfriend Dennis Shields

Erika Jayne dropped what many consider an insensitive comment about Bethenny Frankel's late boyfriend Dennis Shields during her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" on Wednesday night.

Bethenny was set to appear the following night, on Thursday, but because her segment had been pre-taped, it did not address the comments Erika made during her appearance. But that didn't stop Bethenny from responding.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday afternoon, Bethenny said that "Dennis' children are hurt, offended and disgusted by" Erika's insensitive statement. She then told her fans, "I appreciate your loyalty, heart and compassion."

During the show, Andy Cohen had asked Erika about Bethenny's prior comments regarding Erika's estranged husband Tom Girardi's embezzlement scandal. Erika has long denied any involvement or awareness of the financial malfeasance Tom has been accused of.

Bethenny had said that Dennis had told her that Tom owed him "half a million dollars" and that he owed other people money, too, claiming Tom used that money to finance Erika's lifestyle.

Tom has been accused of misappropriating settlement funds from his law firm, including money owed to widows and orphans. While Erika has not been charged with a crime, she has been named in a pair of civil lawsuits involving Tom's alleged scheme.

Erika has maintained her innocence amid allegations that she "aided and abetted" his alleged embezzling. It has further been claimed that these alleged illegal activities helped finance the lavish lifestyle she enjoyed as a cast-member of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Erika has denied these allegations, as well.

"In the business that Tom was doing which was contingent fee, it’s not unusual to borrow," Erika told Andy. "So while that may be true, there were also loans that were really paid off."

She went on to add, "I don’t know where Bethenny’s coming from and, you know, her guy’s dead and my guy’s in a home, so whatever. But at the same time, that’s kind of the way the business goes."

Dennis passed away in August 2018 of an apparent overdose, though this was never determined conclusively. Due to religious reasons an autopsy was never performed on the 51-year-old father of four, so no official cause of death has been determined.

Tom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is currently living in a senior living facility. Earlier in the interview, Erika had said that she sometimes speaks to him briefly, but his mental state continues to decline. She says he knows nothing of his current legal woes.

"He still thinks he's practicing law," she said of the 82-year-old retired lawyer.

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Reddit Fan Theory Helping ‘This Is Us’ Viewers Cope With Rebecca and Miguel’s Train Scene

Fans are demanding justice for Miguel!

After the penultimate episode of NBC's hit show "This Is Us," fans were left reeling after the lack of interaction and acknowledgement of Jon Huertas' character.

Titled "The Train," the episode revolved around the Big Three and their families saying goodbye to Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore).

Viewers got a glimpse inside Rebecca's mind in her final moments -- with the matriarch traveling through train cars encountering people from different periods in her life.

When Pearson finally runs into Miguel, he tells her that she is his "favorite person." Rebecca responds with only a smile as she moves on to the next car. For some viewers, the brief encounter wasn't enough and demanded that her second husband be treated with greater respect and significance.

"Miguel being kicked out of the picture was so…insulting, honestly. He was Rebecca’s literal husband? We got a whole monologue from Dr. K, Rebecca’s one time doctor, and just a few lines from her HUSBAND," one fan took to Reddit.

Another user commented, "My heart is still broken for Miguel. Up until the end, Rebecca was his whole world, but in her dying moments, he was just a blip in her world. 😭."

Check out our full recap for a more in-depth look into the episode:

Despite the general disappointment over Miguel's treatment, one Reddit fan provided an interesting potential explanation for why the encounter was written that way -- and it sure seems plausible, and comforting.

Check it out for yourself below!

"I feel like a lot of people are missing the fact that all of this was going on inside Rebecca's head, in the mind of someone with Alzheimer's," the fan wrote. "In a way, she's her own unreliable narrator, and her recollection of the last few years of her life is unfortunately non-existent. She's not the late 70s-aged version of herself; she's Rebecca at her prime. All of the people she sees actually manifest as they would have been at that time."

"Of course Miguel gets short shrift - he was only ever Jack's friend in the time frame in which she sees herself. The big three appear as adults, but her flash of recognition seems more palpable when she sees them as children and young adults. William symbolizes the confusion and self-flagellation that came with keeping secrets from Randal, and in her last moments, he (and the doctor) permit her to forgive herself for her life's mistakes. I think his was incredibly well handled. I'm not sure if people really were expecting the metaphorical 'life flashing before her eyes', because what they got was something significant and profound: a woman, at the end of her life, forgiving herself and being forgiven."

The theory has been making the rounds all over the internet -- appearing to give some fans at least a little comfort when it comes to Miguel.

Last night's episode was a tearjerker for many, leaving fans to wonder how the show's season finale will be able to top it!

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Dad Burns Daughters’ $3,500 Olivia Rodrigo Tickets Over Vaccine Requirement; Internet Cracks Up

Olivia Rodrigo was surely left reeling at the devastating news this week that this guy would not be attending her concert.

In perhaps the most futile protest ever made, the Trump-supporting dad burned what he said were $3,500 worth of tickets over the Covid Vaccine requirements.

"Moms, dads, kids, teens — comes a point in life where you gotta take a stand. Take a stand for your values," the dad, decked out in tank top, shorts and shades, declares.

"It's not always the easiest thing to do, but you know you don't have to be right — but start taking a stand for what's right."

With that, he sets the tickets alight — or as many people online pointed out, the paper print outs of the tickets.

"You're looking at $3,500 in concert tickets to a concert that wants to control me, that wants to tell you and I what to put in our bodies," he goes on. "And the bottom line is: create the life that you are in personal control what goes into your body to where you do not get bullied by a system or people or anyone to do something that compromises or sacrifices exactly what you're meant to do, in the life you're meant to lead."

"Take a stand, folks."

Among those impressed with his stand was GOP Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake, who called him "a hero."

"We can't let Hollywood influencers try to control our children or force people to get a vaccine against their will," she posted. "Thank you, Doug for being a strong patriotic American and a great father."

Not everyone agreed, however.

Many pointed out that the "tickets" he burned were in fact just print outs on normal paper, and worth nothing anyway, as the actual tickets to the show were digital.

Many more pointed out that even if he didn't go, spending your hard earned $3,500 on something only to burn it was not a very efficient way of making your point.

Everyone agreed that either way, Olivia wasn't going to lose much sleep over it:

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Hilary Duff Says Women’s Health Nude Photo Shoot Was ‘Scary,’ But She’s ‘So Happy’ She Did It

Hilary Duff was a vision of stunning confidence and grace in an unexpected nude cover shoot for the 2022 Body Issue of Women's Health, but it turns out she wasn't nearly as confident as she conveyed.

Speaking with ET at Disney's upfront event on Tuesday, the "How I Met Your Father" star admitted the whole thing was "scary," but that's a big part of why she pushed through that fear and did it anyway. It also helped that she was made to feel safe through the whole process.

"it was an all-female set that day, and so that was very-- everyone was just there boosting me up and making me feel great and beautiful," she told the outlet. "I'm so happy I did it."

Leading into the shoot, though, Duff said that in some ways it surprised herself as much as it did the rest of us that she did it at all. "I'm not that person that cruises around my house naked, ever," she said, admitting that "it was scary."

At the same time, she explained that she likes "to do thinks that kinda make me a little uncomfortable," laughing that "this was obviously that."

Duff has come a long way in her relationship with her body. In the accompanying interview with Women's Health, she opened up about a "horrifying" eating disorder when she was 17. Since then, she's reached a place where she really is "proud" of her body.

"I'm proud that it's produced three children for me," Duff told the magazine "I've gotten to a place of being peaceful with the changes my body has gone through."

"I also want people to know a makeup artist was there putting glow all over my body and someone put me in the most flattering position," she added, keeping it real.

"I think that, at 34, I have just gained a lot of respect for my body. It's taken me all the places I need to go," she continued. "It's helped me build a beautiful family. I feel like the older I get, the more confident I get in my own skin ... I'm really just fascinated by one, being a woman. And two, all the changes that your body can go through throughout your lifetime."

The magazine also outlined just how Duff prepared for the naked photoshoot, saying she started working out with a new trainer in the month's before the shoot. Her workouts -- which went for about an hour, four times a week -- included everything from squats to lunges and dumbbell rows and focused on lean muscle mass.

"I slept better, I felt better,” said Duff, who also went for hikes or played tennis on her off days and admitted she has reduced the "intensity" of workouts since the revealing shoot.

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Nick Cannon Reveals Vasectomy Consultation: ‘I Ain’t Looking to Populate the Earth Completely’

Nick Cannon has been making headlines almost as fast as he's been making babies these last few years, but all of that could be about to change.

The "Masked Singer" host revealed to E! News that his days of becoming a father over and over and over again may soon be in the past.

"I already went and got my vasectomy consultation," Cannon told E!. "I ain't looking to populate the Earth completely, but I'm definitely looking forward to taking care and loving all the children that I currently have."

Cannon currently has seven children with three different women, an eighth on the way with a fourth woman, and he lost a child at five months old that he had with a fifth woman. More than half of them have been -- or will be -- born in the past two years.

His younger children include ten-month-old twins Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa, 16-month-old Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell and his upcoming son with Tiesi. He also shares 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with Mariah Carey, while he and Bell also share five-year-old Golden.

One factor in Cannon's decision to consider a vasectomy is that he says he's already struggling with guilt and time management trying to give each of his children as much of himself as his extremely busy schedule will allow.

"I do have the guilt of not having enough time to spend with all of my children, as we all do because we're working and constantly going," he told the outlet. "Especially right now when they're younger."

He detailed some of the business of his home life schedule, including little league, swim practice, taking his kids to school every morning and trying to connect via FaceTime. He even laughed that he "shut down Six Flags" to celebrate his twins' 11th birthday.

Despite his busy schedule, Cannon is determined to make the time to be as involved in all of his children's lives as possible. And he's apparently looking to perhaps save some time by combining his career in the entertainment business with all his little loose Cannons running around.

"You definitely gonna see some Cannons on the screen and hear their music," he joked. "I'm going to have to recoup some of this. So they gonna be some talented babies."

Maybe someday we'll all be tuning in to see Zion and Zillion co-hosting Season 50 of "The Masked Singer" while Powerful Queen is bringing a whole new vibe to "Wild 'N Out."

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14 This Is Tissue Moments: Rebecca’s Final Farewell — Who Showed Up In Penultimate Episode?

Fans finally learned why Kate has been absent in all of those flash-forwards to Rebecca's final days on "This Is Us" as we finally reached this ... her final day.

The penultimate episode of the time-twisting, tear-jerking series was a heartbreaker of one for sure, paying off literal and figurative years of story as the family converged on Rebecca's dream home to help send her off on whatever her next story will be.

It was a beautifully creative hour, having Rebecca's internal journey take place on the type of fancy dream she and her father always wanted to take a ride on someday. Along the way, she crossed paths with so many who'd crossed paths with her over the years, and yet there was always hesitance, too.

In an interesting choice, the show again returned to a format we've seen before, introducing us to a brand new cast of characters and even checking in on them across more than one era. Did it take away from Rebecca's final story, or enhance it? We suppose it depends on your perspective.

That's another thing this episode was doing. We've no idea yet exactly how "This is Us" is going to say goodbye as a show, but this was very much a farewell to the long narrative of these character's lives we've been following for generations by this point -- but it was also a farwell, of sorts, to the show itself.

There were several nods to that effect throughout the hour, including a tongue-in-cheek jab at Milo Ventimiglia, as well as some language that could perhaps help viewers come to terms with having to say goodbye to something that has brought so much love and laughter and tears (and did we mention tears?) to our lives.

As we do every week, we're going to single out the show's most powerful moments, scoring them by how many tissues we tore through just to watch them. Believe us, these are happy tears of anguish.

"Strangely Ripped for a Dad in the '90s"

We had to laugh at the self-awareness of what a thirst trap Milo Ventimiglia has been all season, and how appropriate for it to be Justin Hartley's Kevin who brings this up, considering he had a career around taking off his shirt. Death is such a heavy moment, we need moments of levity, and this turned out to be a much-needed moment, as well as a wink and a nod to the viewers which was well appreciated.

1 tissue (we may have laughed a little too hard)

"Everyone Had a Crush on Mom"

While Kevin and Randall were sitting by Rebecca's side, Kevin shared that he thought a ball player they'd gone to meet once had had a crush on Rebecca, and Randall spoke for all of us. We may have been impressed with Jack, but wasn't it always about Rebecca. Jack was this larger than life, almost fictional character. Rebecca lived and breathed and she was wonderful. Everyone did have a crush on Rebecca, both within the world of the show, and watching at home.

1 tissue (farewell to our favorite fictional crush)

"Great Nose, Great Legs"

Miguel got a bit of a short shrift, considering he was married to Rebecca even longer than Jack was. Nevertheless, even he knew that Jack was always her one true love. She and Miguel had something wonderful and something sweet, but Miguel was never quite the same as Jack in her heart, or ours, or her kids. It was also interesting he was the only character we specifically saw disappear when she turned away. What they had was sweet, but apparently not as deep as some of her other connections.

2 tissues (Miguel, dissed to the end)

"I'm Very Happy, Dej"

The circle of life is always at the heart of these stories, and that was very much the case here from the moment we discovered Deja was pregnant. We also discovered she didn't feel ready, didn't feel her and her baby daddy were ready for this. But isn't that always the case. Who is ever ready? And yet, we make it happen. Randall, to his credit, kept his cool, kept his quiet and shared his love. He's grown a lot, while still being wholly himself in all the best ways.

2 tissues ("This Is Us: The Next Generation"? ... just sayin')

"I'll Take Him the Rest of the Way, Mama"

Beth was first to step in and say goodbye to Rebecca. They'd known each other so many years, and it was beautifully touching for Beth -- who is a stellar mother in her own right -- to admit that when she was faking it (as all parents do) she was emulating Rebecca. She knows what a challenge those three kids were for Rebecca, and look how they (finally) turned out. It was also sweet that she let Rebecca know that Randall would continue to be taken care of; and after six seasons, we know there is no better Randall wrangler than Beth!

3 tissues (we stan a queen respecting a queen)

"It Really Isn't, Dej"

We were holding out hope that Deja's baby daddy would be Malik. They'd had such a sweet love story; just one that struck at such a difficult time in their young lives. Knowing that they managed to work through it and still find one another -- much like Kevin and Sophie did -- was heartwarming. Deja has had a tough journey in her life and she deserves all the love and joy she can find, so knowing she's found it is everything.

3 tissues (to support and love waiting for the right time)

"How Did That Become Our Family Motto?"

It turns out the side family we were finding was one that wound up in the hospital the same night Jack died after the house burned down. Theirs is a story about legacy and the powerful impact we can have on anyone in our lives, even in the briefest of moments. Jack shares one exchange with the father of this family after their own car accident leaves their son in surgery. In doing so, he shares Dr. K's advice, "There's no lemon so sour that you can't make something resembling lemonade."

In a flash-forward after the son, Marcus, has lost his funding for cancer research, we discover that this became a family motto for them, which the three siblings find both ridiculous and endearing. But it's also a powerful driving force, because Marcus takes that passion and loss and moves on to receive an award for his pioneering work in drugs for Alzheimer's patients. One moment of compassion from Jack just moments before his own death played some role in this. Sometimes we don't know the power of our impact on everyone we might ever meet. So tread carefully.

4 tissues (widening your perspective widens your story and your impact)

"What a Thing You Made of It All"

It was such a delight to see Gerald McRaney make one final appearance as Dr. K as Rebecca moved her way through the train on her final journey. He poured her a Vesper, the fancy drink she and her father always want to have on this type of train, and again offered her some perspective on her own life. He was her doctor only once, but it was a "big one." His impact loomed large over the family for many years.

As a trusted voice, Dr. K was able to assure her that despite losing a child, losing her husband and all the challenges she faced, look what a "big, messy, gigantic spectacular" life she built for herself and her children. Her legacy is all around her, and it's one to be proud of -- and one to know is going to be okay now without her guidance, just the way it should be. We shepherd them so far only so that they can take the reins of their own stories.

4 tissues (you never know who may to take up permanent real estate in your psyche)

"I'm Waiting for Someone"

Throughout the episode, there was a wistfulness in Mandy Moore's performance, as she repeated multiple times that she was waiting for someone. Was it her father? No, we saw him (along with her younger self)? Was it Jack? No. It was Kate. Even at the end of her life, Rebecca knew that she had to hang on a little longer because Kate wasn't there. It turns out Kate was on a redeye from Europe after getting the call; her curriculum was going international.

As she moved through the cars, beautifully encountering the multiple actors who've portrayed Kevin and Randall through the years, Kate's doppelgangers were conspicuously absent. As such, she was never fully committed to the finality of the journey -- at least not yet. It's so common at the end of life for loved ones to hang on until they know the moment is right, and this was beautifully illustrated by Rebecca's frequent insistences that she's still waiting for someone.

4 tissues (the long goodbye, but not until the moment is just right)

"We're Good Now, You Made Us Good"

What are the perfect words to say to someone who is dying? Randall -- of course it was Randall -- had apparently been sweating it for a while, trying to figure out the perfect thing to say. And yet, when it came to it, there was no grand speech from any of them. There were declarations of love, and small sentiments. Like Beth before him (and she did not share with Randall what was said), Randall assured Rebecca that her kids were okay. That she'd done her job, she'd brought them up right and helped them figure themselves out (which took quite a bit longer than she probably thought it would). But they are all now in a stronger, healthier place. He was giving her peace and assuring her they would be fine when she moves on.

5 tissues (she really was such a strong, wonderful and compassionate mother to all)

"Hey Mom, It's Me, Bug"

Rebecca wasn't expected to make it through the night, but she did. She was waiting for someone. And then Kate arrived, and the Big 3 were by her side. It was a simply and beautiful moment, and you could see the peace in the train when Rebecca heard Kate's voice. At that moment, she knew she was ready. We even appreciated that she didn't open her eyes and have a big, fake lucid farewell moment, because that's generally not how these types of goodbyes work. Instead, Rebecca was fully inside her head, on the train, and her kids were with her. But after all these years, family doesn't need those fantasy moments to say what needs to be said or hear what needs to be heard. Family knows.

5 tissues (waiting for her family to be complete)

"You Tell Him Hey"

And then, it all comes down to Jack. No one said his name. No one needed to. Jack's shadow has loomed over this family and this series for years by this point. When Randall told Rebecca to tell "him" hey, we knew what he was referring to. Just as he knew that Jack remains her one true love, and if there is any happily-ever-afterlife, it would be with him. We didn't need any physical acknowledgment from Rebecca, but her squeezing Randall's hand in the end after these words was everything. Jack was her whole world, and he was theirs, too. In these words and in that single gesture, he was with them all at the end.

6 tissues (the whole family together, one last time)

"If Something Makes You Sad When It Ends, It Must Have Been Pretty Wonderful When It Was Happening"

What better guide for Rebecca on this journey than William. It was wonderful to see Ron Cephas Jones return for a farewell tour, as his small time on the show had such a lasting impact on all of them. Of course, for Rebecca, his gentle nature was always a part of her story; just one she kept hidden from most of the family. Any number of people could have served this role, but we loved that it was William because they shared such a unique and profound connection over Randall.

In this moment, as Rebecca acknowledged how sad all of these farewells were, William was speaking to all of us. If we mourn a life, than we cherished that life. And that goes for this show, as well. Those of us who've invested the past six years into this story and these characters are mourning these final chapters. But the fact that it continues to impact us and make us sad does prove that it's been "pretty wonderful." Of course, we're sad to see it go, but we can also appreciate that it's time. We've reached the end of the train; there's just one more car to go.

6 tissues (what will we do with ourselves after this?)


It was for the kids, it was for us, it was for her. It was the inevitable end of her journey through the train to the caboose, which offered a double bed and a place for her to finally rest after a long life. But she wouldn't rest alone. As Rebecca laid her head down on the pillow, we could already see him there. And she wasn't surprised to see him, either. In Rebecca's life, in her story, in all the stories -- even the side story tonight -- all roads lead to Jack. Rebecca is the beating heart of this famiy, the guiding force, but Jack has always been the spark, the inspiration. Both of them were needed, but one was definitely needed just a little bit long. And now, finally, they're together again.

"If you step back and look at the whole picture, if you're brave enough to allow yourself the gift of a really wide perspective," William told Rebecca before bidding her adieu. "if you do that, you'll see that the end is not sad, Rebecca. It's just the start of the next incredibly beautiful thing."

all the tissues (rest well-earned, life well-lived, heart filled with love, RIP Rebecca Pearson)

"This Is Us" comes to an end next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET no NBC ... we are not ready.

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Britney Spears Says She’s Using Music As an ‘Escape,’ After Revealing Miscarriage

In the wake of her devastating pregnancy loss, Britney Spears is opening up about how music helps her through difficult times.

On Tuesday, the pop star shared a video of herself dancing to Beyoncé's song "Halo." In the post's caption, Britney appeared to allude to her miscarriage, saying that she's "going through something."

"I'm definitely going through something in my life at the moment … and music 🎶 helps me so much just to gain insight and perspective …," she wrote. "I shot this 2 months ago but when I look back, each song I danced 💃🏼 to gave me a different feel … a different mood … a different story to tell … and I'm thankful for that escape … this song is pretty spiritual and I really enjoy dancing to it 🌹 !!!"

Britney, 40, added, "Psss I know I'm dramatic and feeling myself 😳😳😳🙄🙄🙄 but is it believable 😳😳😳 ???"

On Saturday, just a little over a month after announcing her pregnancy, the singer revealed she suffered a miscarriage. Britney and her fiancé Sam Asghari shared a joint Instagram post in which they announced the devastating news.

"It is with our deepest sadness we have to announce that we have lost our miracle baby early in the pregnancy," they wrote. "This is a devastating time for any parent. Perhaps we should have waited to announce until we were further along however we were overly excited to share the good news. Our love for each other is our strength."

The couple added, "We will continue trying to expand our beautiful family. We are grateful for all of your support. We kindly ask for privacy during this difficult moment.

In the post's caption, Britney and Sam, 28, added, "We are grateful for what we have in the process of expanding our beautiful family 💝 Thank you for your support."

Two days later, Sam shared another, similar statement about the miscarriage on his Instagram Stories. In the message, the actor again stated that he and Britney appreciate the support of their fans, writing, "We are taking things positively and moving forward with our future. It's hard but we are not alone."

Sam also reiterated that he and Britney will be "expanding [their] family soon."

Meanwhile, also on Monday, Britney was hit with backlash after she posted a throwback video of herself laughing and having fun on a beach in Mexico — even practicing the iconic "Baywatch" run.

Many trolls came after Britney, seemingly because she was smiling, laughing and generally having a good time in the video ... just two days after annnouncing her pregnancy loss.

"You just lost a baby 😢😢," one follower commented on her post, while another wrote, "Got over losing the baby fast?"

While it's not immediately clear that Sam chose to respond to the backlash Britney started getting almost immediately after sharing her post on Monday night, he did put up his post commenting on the miscarriage and their future together almost immediately afterward.

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