The City of Manhattan announced the Utilities Department will begin a project in conjunction with their 2018 Valve and Hydrant Replacement project.

Utilities workers will be performing temporary water isolations on July 11th and 12th that will cause short periods of low water pressure in the area adjacent to the work.

City officials say the work will occur in the following areas: all of the Wyndham Heights addition; 14th Street from Leavenworth to Poyntz; Humboldt Street from 14th to 17th; 11th Street from Leavenworth to Fremont;  Leavenworth Street from 11th to 10th; 10th Street from Osage to Leavenworth, Butterfield Road from Northfield to Mission; Northfield Road from Mission to Butterfield; Mission Street from Brockman to Butterfield.

The city will announce future water outages in areas that are determined to require valve and hydrant replacements.


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