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The Flint Hills Breadbasket is in dire need of restocking its shelves.

Breadbasket Director Maribeth Kieffer says the need changes at different times of the year which causes inventory to dwindle.

“We have just come out of the summer months when children aren’t in school and they’re not getting the hot lunches.  We have been really busy and have seen an unusually high number of people this summer and so our inventory has taken a hit,” Kieffer said.

Currently there are a lot of needs in the pantry, as Kieffer alluded to during Wednesday’s edition of KMAN’s In Focus.

“Some of the things we’re desperately in need of are cold cereal, crackers, hamburger helper, macaroni and cheese. We have one case of macaroni and cheese left. We can also always use pancake mix and syrup, juice and jelly and spaghetti sauce,” Kieffer said.

With kids going back to school, officials want to ensure kids with need are learning on a full stomach.

“There’s been proven data over and over again about children that are malnourished and how much more difficult it is for them to learn at school. When I see those children come in I really want to meet their needs,” she said.

The Breadbasket is also looking for people interested in doing some unique fundraising events.

To learn more, contact them at 785-537-0730 or online at

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