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 Favorite Z artist? Hmmm hard to say, love some Rihanna but also in love with Imagine Dragons.
Celebrity Crush – Michael J. Fox, been in love with him ever since I saw Back to the Future at age 5 and still love him to this day!
Celebrity you wish would fall off the face of the Earth – Nicki Minaj. Excellent party music, just not into her anymore.
Last song you downloaded? – Iggy Azalea’s “Bounce” but if you ask again in a few minutes it’ll be new.
Musical Guilty Pleasure? – The Biebs.
Special talent (Other than rocking the airwaves!) – Man, Guess it would be that I can come up with some electric hair coloring ideas.
Favorite TV Show right now – its hard to say…it’s between How I Met Your Mother and Dexter.