A Manhattan engineer who pleaded no contest to attempted voluntary manslaughter and was found guilty of criminal property damage apologized before being sentenced to 50 months in prison Monday in Riley County District Court.
Mark Harrison pleaded to the charge in June following a hung jury in a February trial in which he was initially charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. He was arrested following a 2018 standoff in which he shot RCPD Sgt. Pat Tiede and an armored vehicle that two officers were sitting within. He was found not guilty of two charges of attempted murder of the officers in the vehicle.
Harrison received the maximum sentences for the charges of attempted voluntary manslaughter and criminal property damage — 43 and 7 months respectively. He will serve the two sentences consecutively with a maximum 15 percent good time credit separate from the time he’s already served. Additionally, he’s ordered to pay $7670.29 for out of pocket costs paid by Tiede and RCPD.
Riley County District Attorney Barry Wilkerson says the Tiede arrived at the scene of Harrison’s residence on a domestic disturbance call and believed he could calm him down based on their history with one another dating back to their childhood in Goodland, Kansas.
Harrison says he “profoundly” regrets his actions and that he never intended to harm anyone, apologizing to Tiede and his family for the physical, mental and emotional impact his actions caused them — who were not in the room. He also thanked RCPD for maintaining their composure and professionalism throughout the situation.
Judge Grant Bannister says the incident could have been a bigger tragedy than it was if not for fortune and the preparation of RCPD and the manner in which they handled the situation. Bannister also says that the impact of Harrison’s actions changed not only both his and Tiede’s lives, but the lives of both of their families as well as the officers of RCPD.
Following his release, Harrison will be subject to 36 months post-release supervision.

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