The Kaitie’s Way Charities Community Care Program is looking to provide education for parents and anticipatory guidance of young children.

KMAN spoke with Dr. Matt Wassom with Katie’s Way about the upcoming event.  The program is designed to have more outreach to families in the community and be preventative towards some difficulties in children.  They hope to be able to more to reach out to the public.

“One of the biggest stressers is knowing there are lots of families and children that could use some support that we just can’t reach,” says Wassom, “Whether it’s having longer wait lists or some of the difficulties the children are having not yet being identified.”

The program is based off of parent management training, which is used to help with the common behavioral challenges with young children.  Wassom says they hope to review principals with normal child development and behavioral milestones. they will delve into the common challenges parents with younger children face such as temper tantrums, public behavior, and other general issues.

The program will not only be focusing on children with severe behavioral challenges, but to help guide the parents with facing normal challenges with behavior in young children.

“There can be some fairly extreme behaviors that show up than are actually considered with the norm.  But there can be some early warning signs,” says Wassom.

The event is free to the public and is an RSVP is preferred, which can be made by emailed to  The workshop will be split into two parts on Monday and Wednesday.

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