What do you look for in a romantic partner? Do you want someone that has different viewpoints to yours, that will challenge you? Perhaps you’re looking for someone that is nearly a twin, someone that shares interests, humor, and a life outlook?

A survey of 2,000 people asked them to name the most important things to have in common in a relationship. The top answer was future planning/long-term goals, with 57 percent agreed that needs to be compatible.

Shared values, senses of humor, sex drive, and lifestyle were the rest of the top five answers.

The survey, by the way, was initially conducted by Avocado Green Mattress company to look at the “intersection of dating and being environmentally friendly.” Apparently, 56 percent of people who responded found it a turn-off to not be down with saving the planet.

The top ten answers!

  1. Future plans and long-term goals (57%)
  2. Shared values (56%)
  3. Sense of humor (50%)
  4. Sex drive/overall attitude about sex (50%)
  5. Lifestyle (49%)
  6. Personality traits (46%)
  7. Work ethic (44%)
  8. Hobbies and interests (41%)
  9. Political opinions (35%)(Editor’s note: that seems low…)
  10. Political actions (27%)(Editor’s note 2: See previous editor’s note...)