Coffee can add years to your life

SCORE! The American College of Cardiology has just reaffirmed my lifestyle choices with a new study that says drinking two to three cups of coffee a day can add YEARS to your life. This was a very comprehensive study, as well. It tracked over 400,000 people for around a decade. The results fly in the [...]

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We finally know the sweet spot on when to cut off coffee drinking

Finally, science has come up with a useful study! A team of researchers in Scotland looked into how late in the day you can drink coffee WITHOUT it effecting your sleep. That answer? Six hours before bed. “Caffeine is consumed daily by roughly 80% of the world’s population, often for its benefits in promoting wakefulness [...]

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Science determines your personality based on eye color

Science has determined what your personality is based solely on your eye color. The study, done by the Orebro University in Sweden, found that the genes affecting our brains' frontal lobes also impact our eye color. Allegedly, eye color also gives indications about a person's behavior, mental health, even tolerance to pain. Researchers say that, [...]

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Science comes through, reveals perfect way to eat ice cream

This is a study we can get fully behind! According to an expert in "sensory science", we've been eating ice cream all wrong. Which probably explains why I constantly get brain freeze.   Actual photo of us with brain freeze. Courtesy of Dr. Sarah Kemp has developed a scientific formula for how [...]

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