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Quarantining resurrects the phone call

An unintended benefit of social distancing and the stay-at-home orders in a majority of states is that we are using our phones as actual phones more. I know, right? I forgot they called people, also. A recent survey on YouGov shows that 31% of respondents are using phone calls as [...]

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Texas movie theater brings back drive-in

In the age of social distancing, movie theaters were one of the first casualties, along with sports. But, especially now, people are craving entertainment, so what does one do? Go back in time! No one called you chicken, Marty. EVO Entertainment took it upon themselves to salvage something of their business [...]

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Elvis Duran: Danielle’s family surprises her with birthday ‘night out’

Danielle's birthday was Sunday and, due to the ongoing pandemic, she couldn't go out and celebrate. Fortunately, her husband and sons came to the rescue. They set up a fake restaurant for her in their basement called "Resterante El Pigeon." While entering the 'restaraunt' she was greeted by her youngest song Preston dressed as the [...]

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