We all have hit a place in relationships where it’s not working. Most times, it’s not just one big thing, but an accumulation of little annoyances that build up.

Of course, there are the times a reason to break up is pretty monumental.

These, however, are not those reasons.

Except for body odor. That’s a fairly good reason to break up with someone.

A recent study commissioned by Seekingwhich self-describes as an ‘upscale dating site’, shows that two-thirds of us have dumped someone over a pretty specific turn-off. Some of this is petty, but most of the responses are actually pretty decent. The top ten are:

  1. Body odor
  2. Pretending to be more knowledgeable about a topic than they actually are
  3. Being rude to a waiter
  4. Living in a mess
  5. Being rude/overbearing
  6. Having dirty fingernails
  7. Being too clingy
  8. Having bad teeth
  9. Double texting (wherein you send a follow-up text if the person you texted hasn’t responded)
  10. Talking too loudly.

Some (dis)honorable mentions: referring to themselves in the third person…not wearing socks with shoes…wearing a tacky watch…being obsessed with star signs…clapping when an airplane lands.

“People are very set on what they want, which is empowering,” Emma Hathorn, spokesperson and in-house dating expert at Seeking, said. “Online dating has opened a whole new world of singles, which means people can afford to have higher standards. And if an absolute deal-breaker for you is someone who never wears sunglasses indoors or chews with their mouth open, that’s absolutely fair enough.”

Can we go back to the clapping when an airplane lands? That’s actually a thing? That’s never happened on a flight I’ve been on. How weird. Yeah, that would definitely be a dump-able offense.