’s Bad Superbowl Commercial has decided to pull their ad from the Super Bowl and take it down from Youtube after it caused an uproar on social media.

The company released the ad called “Journey Home,” that featured a puppy that’s been separated from his family on his way home.

The commercial’s ending showed the dog’s owners were happy to see him make it home because they’d just sold the puppy on a website built using GoDaddy… suggesting the owner runs a puppy mill.

Within hours, an online petition to pull the ad got tens of thousands of signatures.

The company released a statement saying they were only trying to poke fun at Budweiser for teasing that their Super Bowl ad would feature a puppy.

This is the Coolest Teacher EVER!

A high school teacher in Dallas lead a dance around campus while moving/grooving to Mark Ronson’s single “Uptown Funk.”

The teacher (Scot Pankey) wore skin-tight grey pants and a black shirt while students repeated his moves. The dancing went on for about four minutes.

The video has been viewed over 20,000 times and was done in one take while the cameraman walked backwards.

The teacher made it the student’s first project of the New Year. He teaches theater.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Official Song

It’s only a couple of weeks away until “Fifty Shades of Grey” hits theaters (Feb 13th!!) and Ellie Goulding’s sensuous “Love Me Like You Do” has been named the “official” song of “Fifty Shades of Grey”- and the video is super hot.  We CAN”T WAIT to see the movie!


The REAL Nicki Minaj!

Just in time for #TBT, a video has surfaced of Nicki Minaj acting in high school…and it’s safe to say that she has COMPLETELY revamped herself since this video was taken.  Come on…you didn’t think all that was real, did you?


Revenge By Glitter! will ship an envelope of glitter to whoever you want.

This isn’t a fun thing to do with friends… this is a glitter bomb that will explode in their living room. So, be wise when deciding who gets it.

You can send it to anywhere around the world for under $10 and even include a note inside.

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Jamie Lynn Spears. Knife wielding badass!


From: TMZ


We got the video – Jamie Lynn Spears freaking out with a huge knife as she tries — and succeeds — in breaking up a sandwich shop melee.

Britney Spears’ lil sis was in the Pita Pit in Hammond, LA last month when a female friend got caught in the middle of a bunch of guys brawling. Now we have surveillance video of JLS playing peacemaker … while waving a 7-inch blade!

It’s a wild scene — she pulls her gf out of the scrum … then, when the dudes keep going at it … Jamie Lynn, mother of a 6-year-old, struts behind the counter, grabs the knife and waves it around. While she never cuts anyone … the threat was enough to break up the fight.

Chillest dude in the whole mess though is the pita clerk who calmly blocked Jamie while calling for backup.

Only question — why didn’t she whip up a pita while she was at it? Big mistake, Jamie Lynn. Huge.