“Elle” magazine surveyed 7,000 women about their BREASTS, and the results should be very enlightening for men.  And for women too, actually.  Here are the six highlights . . .

1.  11% of women have named their breasts.

2.  About one in six women have had a boyfriend try on one of their bras . . . allegedly just for fun.

3.  29% of women have stuffed their bra . . . and 30% have worn a sports bra to intentionally flatten their chest.

4.  60% have looked at their breasts while they were bending over, and thought they looked like cow’s udders.

5.  21% have held different pieces of fruit trying to figure out which one was the most similar to their boobs.

6.  19% have strategically lied next to a guy so their larger breast would be closer to him.