Happy National Grammar Day!

Yes, it’s a thing.

In honor of this most hallowed of days, survey site YouGov asked Americans how much of a stickler for proper grammar they are. About 9% said that they correct the grammar of their friends and loved ones EVERY TIME they make a mistake.

Spoiler: If you can’t think of anyone in your friend group that does that, the grammar Nazi is probably you.

Other numbers of note: 41% said sometimes, 31% said rarely, 15% said never and 4% didn’t answer.

Men are almost twice as likely to be grammar Nazis, as 12% said they always correct people, compared to 7% of women.

Breaking it down by age,  young people are three times more likely to be grammar Nazis than older Americans are. Of those in their late teens and early 20s, 15% said they always correct people’s grammar.  Only 5% of people over 55 said the same.

If you need help with your grammar skills, check out the Nerdist’s “Grammar Slam” with former WWE Superstar CM Punk.