What is the point of a ‘medicine cabinet?’

According to so-called experts, it’s not to actually store…well, much of anything in.

Lifehacker has a list of items that you shouldn’t keep in your bathroom at all and most of it is stuff that stays in the bathroom 90 percent of the time.

And painted wood furniture. Which is an odd one. Unless you painted your wooden toilet seat?

You’ll have to click the link for the reasoning behind these, but here’s the list:

  1. Medicine
  2. Makeup
  3. Spare razor blades
  4. Teeth-whitening gel
  5. Painted wood furniture

So, what do we keep in the medicine cabinet, then? Deodorant? Starburst Jelly Beans? Beer?

Actually, I wouldn’t keep the jelly beans in there, either. That’s just weird.