If you’re feeling like you never see your significant other, there’s a scientific reason for that.

You probably aren’t.

A recent survey of 2,000 British adults, finds that the average couple spends just four hours per day in the same room together. And yes, this includes sleeping time.

“It’s interesting to see just how much – or how little – time is spent with a partner at home together,”Natalie Wathan, a spokeswoman for home heating company Drayton, which sponsored the survey, said in statement. “The study shows that most couples have conflicting schedules to each other and as such use the rooms in their home in different ways and times.”

Now, the couples are home at the same time, just not necessarily in the same room. Reasons for the lack of together-time included conflicting work schedules, differing interests, and different bedtimes.

More, the couples didn’t really get along harmoniously, either. A third of those surveyed said they regularly fight over the thermostat, the brightness of the room, and who sits where on the sofa.