Courtesy: USA Today

Friends, did you know there is an entire Instagram account devoted to “disneyweddings”? (We did not. Revelation Thursday!)


It feels important to begin there, seeing as there is now a real, copyright-approved, Disney-launched Frozen wedding gown. You, as an adult, who loves all things Disney, can get married as Queen Elsa, a cartoon character whose icy tendencies send her into exile (until she ultimately learns that love conquers all and she can return to her village and be one with the people). That is the wedding dress you’ve been looking for. And it looks like this:


Fact: It was crafted by designer Alfred Angelo.

Fact: At first glance, it looks like every other wedding dress you’ve probably tried on. But according to InStyle, the gown comes in ice blue or ivory, and is a “softly-flared sheath gown with a sweetheart neckline made with layers of satin, tulle, glitter net and organza.” Plus the beading is patterned to resemble “fresh-fallen snow.”

Fact: Angelo actually has an entire line of Disney Princess-inspired wedding gowns. They are in the $1,300 range. Happily ever after sold separately.