There was gold in them thar hills.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

So, ten years ago, Forrest Fenn, an art dealer and author, came up with the greatest viral marketing scam in history: he hid a treasure chest filled with $1 million worth of gold, jewelry and other valuable objects somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Wait…this movie sounds familiar…

Right! Yeah, don’t watch this one. Stick with the first movie.

Anyway, it seems that the only way to find Fenn’s treasure was to buy and search for clues in his autobiography, “The Thrill of the Chase.” Again, greatest viral marketing plan ever.

Fenn announced on his social media that the hunt was over and the loot was found by a guy “from back East.” Probably in New York City.

Pace Salsa
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We’re on a roll with the dated references today.

Anyway, the treasure was found in the mountains around Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was verified with a photo of the booty.

No word yet on how the Pirates Guild is handling this disappointing news. Y’arrrgh.