Ed Sheeran is back! And apparently trying to be in the inevitable Twilight reboot?

The singer dropped his first single since he “retired” in 2019 after dropping the No. 6 Collaborations Project album. “Bad Habits” is an interesting change for Sheeran, as he forgoes his signature sound for something closer to the 80s dance pop that seems to be everywhere right now. The song itself is fine and a probably smash hit; it has a good beat and, honestly, wouldn’t sound out of place being sung by The Weeknd.

It just doesn’t really feel like Ed Sheeran. Which is fine; artists are allowed to experiment. Sometimes it works (Taylor Swift), sometimes it doesn’t (Hello, Zac Brown Band and whatever the hell The Owl and Sir Roosevelt were supposed to be!). Anyone clicking the play button expecting “Shape of You” or “Don’t,” however, will be unpleasantly surprised.

The video, however, is wonderfully insane. Ed plays a glampire having a wild night out with his goblin and ghoul mates. That is a sentence I didn’t expect to write this morning.

“Feels great to be back with my new single,” Sheeran wrote in a statement. “I wanted the video for ‘Bad Habits’ to play on the nature of habits in a fantastical way so I decided on vampires. It was mega fun getting into character except for the heights (that wasn’t so fun). Enjoy x”

The video is below. Sheeran will also be on The Late Late Show with James Corden all week starting Monday, June 28. Joy.