What is a morning with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show without a member mentioning something embarrassing or Straight Nate trying to tell everyone he’s the best kisser…..

Intern Nala came into the show today to talk about how she went on a date recently with this guy she had a huge crush on in high school only to discover he was the worst kisser. Danielle Monaro chimes in, “He should practice on a poster like I used to do.” She says she used to practice kissing on Greg Evigan, from the show B.J. And The Bear [photo below]. “There was a hole, there wound up being a hole in my poster because I would practice so much,” she laughs, “right on his mouth a little hole.” Danielle suggests Intern Nala get this guy a Rihanna poster.

That’s when Straight Nate gets involved saying, “Lets go around the room and everyone rate your kissing ability.” However he follows up with “I’m not that good, I’m like a 9.5.” He follows up with, “You wanted to know the answer.” “Don’t we all know he would say that?” Elvis Duran asks the room.

“After this conversation I don’t think I am now as good as I was prior to this conversation,” Skeery adds. Watch the full breakdown of their conversation above!