Dr. Jerome Adams, is an anesthesiologist and a vice admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps who currently serves as the 20th Surgeon General of the United States. Recently he has been in the news for begging Kylie Jenner to post on social media and urge her followers to stay home. Thursday morning, March 26th, he went on-air with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk more about COVID-19 and how we should receive packages from Amazon or be shopping at the supermarket.

“If you get a package don’t pull it in right away,” says the Surgeon General, “Spray it down with lysol or wipe it down before you open the box.” Then he explains that you can take the items out because they have been in the box for so long that they are most likely safe from coronavirus, but you should still wipe them down before using it as a precaution. “Same with at the grocery store,” the General explains. You never know who is touching what at the supermarket and then putting it back. Be sure to wash your hands, don’t touch anything on your face, and wash any food boxes and groceries before bringing them into the house.

Getting more seriously, talking about staying in quarantine, the General talks working with young influencers like YouTuber and TikToker Loren Gray, about how they can use their platforms to get young people to stay home. “Do we want to be like Italy?” Dr. Jerome Adams asks, “Or do we want to be like South Korea and China?” He continues, “We know these measures [social distancing] work… It’s up to you to determine how long this lasts.”

You can listen to Dr. Jerome Adams full interview with Elvis Duran above as well as go here for more information about the coronavirus and updates on how the country is handling it.