Just because we are in quarantine times, doesn’t mean we need to let go of ourselves completely. Women are doing their own nails, and now men need to buzz their own heads…. Unless you have a dad like Froggy that can do it for you.

Froggy’s son Caden was in desperate need of a haircut and of course Froggy stepped up to the plate to do it. His wife Lisa however, was not happy about it…. “He has beautiful hair, he doesn’t know what he’s doing,” says Lisa to Froggy and her son. “Yea well I know what I’m doing,” Froggy replies. With that, Froggy got out his buzzer and began buzzing away at his son’s hair. While on Instagram Live, Danielle Monaro chimed in telling Froggy to stop… but actually came back at the end of the video to say she liked the cut!

Watch above as Froggy shaves his son’s head. What do you think of the new haircut?!