With Pandemic restrictions slowly being lifted, and with it the return something resembling normalcy, it’s time to put yourself back out there on the dating pool!

The first thing you’ll have to do is remember how to interact with people in person. Social skills are definitely something that have atrophied over the last year plus.

If you are already back in the game, how many dates does it take you to figure out you want to get serious with someone? Just under half of us say three or less dates. Astonishingly, 10 percent of people feel one date is enough, which is a little bogus. First dates are no barometer of who a person is. Usually. If someone goes full Karen on the wait staff in the middle of your meal, that person is probably best avoided.

Interestingly, seven percent say they won’t go out with someone at all unless they ALREADY knew they liked them a lot. Probably through chatting on dating apps or your friend has become a ‘more-than’ friend.

Regardless, as you re-enter the dating pool, remember basic things like hygiene, it’s not acceptable to wear only sweats in fancy dining places, and tip your server. Now have a good time and be back by 11.