How’s that for a clickbait headline?

Thanksgiving is in…wait…seriously? Just like three weeks? But I haven’t made my Halloween plans yet!

Anyway, this year should be a little more in-person than last year’s (Thanks, COVID), but Wallethub asked the tough question: Where are the best places to go for Thanksgiving? They based their findings on cost of Thanksgiving dinner, share of delayed flights, volunteer opportunities per Capita and forecasted precipitation.

Kansas City (Missouri, specifically) ranked in the bottom 10. Only Stockton, Calf., Hialeah, Fla., Anchorage, Alaska, Newark, N.J., Detroit, Mich., and San Bernardino, Calf. ranked lower.

KC was also featured in the bottom five in lowest number of Thanksgiving events per Capita and lowest number of holiday decorations shops per Capita.

Wichita, ranked 68th overall, was second in highest giving ration. Go, Shockers, I guess?

Source: WalletHub