As the air gets a little crisper, and the spices get a little more pumpkin, nothing hits just right in the morning than a good, steaming cup of coffee.

But where to get that sweet, sweet java?

Thankfully, WalletHub did the science for us, comparing coffee shops/houses/cafes per capita to the average price per pack of coffee.

For your money, the best place to be to get coffee is…not the one you’re thinking of. Seattle is up there, don’t worry, but the number one coffee city in America is Portland, OR. San Francisco is second, while, yes, Seattle comes in at number three.

Kansas City (Missouri) sits at 45. Wichita just barely cracks the top 100 at 77.

We’re assuming Manhattan isn’t ranked because the scientists haven’t stopped by Radina’s.

Kansas City does rank on top for the lowest average price per pack of coffee at $3.44, which is something like 2.5 times lower than Honolulu, Hawaii, which costs $8.69 per pack.

There better be gold flecks in that coffee in Hawaii.

If you’re trying to save some cash bust still get your daily java fix, the experts recommend prioritizing.

“For some people, a cup of specialty coffee is the best part of their morning and sets the stage for a better day,” Ryan Hamilton, Associate Professor of Marketing, Emory University, said. “For those consumers, it may make sense to splurge on their coffee, even if it means cutting back on other expenses throughout the day (e.g., packing a lunch instead of eating out). Where those small expenses tend to cause trouble is when they are untracked and never compensated for with reduced spending elsewhere. A premium coffee AND a nice lunch out AND an evening drinking with friends add up to a lot, even if any one expense in isolation may be easy to justify.”

National Coffee Day is coming up Sept. 29, which is coffee drinkers’ Christmas. There are a few retailers offering specials next week, which you can find here.

Source: WalletHub