Valentine’s Day is the chocolate lover’s holiday, as almost all of the United States love them some cocoa-flavored anything.

The study from Zippia looked at Google trends and based their findings on what candy is disproportionately searched for.

Not-quite-shockingly, 45 out of 50 states prefer chocolate. Those other five states are obviously sending calls for help discreetly. WE HEAR YOU CALIFORNIA, IOWA, MAINE, MICHIGAN, AND NORTH DAKOTA. HELP IS COMING.

Seriously, though, California thinks “candy necklaces” qualify as a Valentine’s Day candy. Like, what the hell, Cali? Those other four aren’t much better, as they like those disgusting conversation hearts. They are, technically, Valentine’s candy, but in the same way I’m technically a doctor because I binged watched¬†House recently.

Kansas is down with the box of chocolate, which is cool. That we, we don’t just settle for one type of chocolate. We get a variety!

Here are the results:

  1. Chocolate strawberries (Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Both Virginias)
  2. M&M’s¬†(Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wyoming)
  3. Edible chocolate roses (Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington)
  4. Chocolate truffles (Connecticut, Louisiana, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin)
  5. Dove chocolate (Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Utah)
  6. Conversation hearts (Iowa, Maine, Michigan, North Dakota)
  7. Hershey Kisses (Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, South Dakota)
  8. Box of chocolates (Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina)
  9. Heart-shaped chocolates (New York, Texas)
  10. Candy necklaces (California)