Kim Kardashian swore In 2011: 'I'm Never Getting Naked Again'
Photo: © BD3/WENN
Kim Kardashian clearly didn’t mean it when she said on-air in 2011, “I’m definitely not getting naked or taking my clothes off ever again,” because the reality star just this week quite happily posed nude, exposing her breasts and v—– for Paper. Three years ago Kardashian cried hysterically to Kris Jenner on “Kourtney and Kim Take New York,” after a W magazine spread came out in which she was unexpectedly naked, that “you can see nipples, you can see my a– crack.” But something changed because Mickey Boardman, the editorial director of Paper, says the new widely discussed naked shoot was entirely “her idea to take off her clothes and show more than her butt.”

Three years ago, you might recall, Kardashian agreed to have her naked body painted silver for W, which she claimed told her they would digitally add artwork to in an effort to cover her private parts. But when it came out, and her boobs and butts were shown, Kardashian exploded on-camera, saying, “Oh, my God, I look more naked here than I was in Playboy,” adding, “I thought I was going to be covered in artwork, and what I’m looking at is complete nudity. I’m just so f—— mad. I’m so f—— mad you have no idea.”

She further told her mom on that episode, “I’m never getting naked again” and “I’ve learned my lesson. I mean, I’m definitely not getting naked or taking my clothes off ever again. I don’t care if it’s, like, Vogue.”

Kardashian, whose nude body was first exposed in her infamous sex tape with Ray J, also looked into the camera and griped, “To have come so far to go back to that just upsets me” because she didn’t want the public to think “all she’s good for is being naked”.

Well, something must have changed for the reality star, who wed Kanye West in May, because Kim Kardashian’s full frontal naked body photos are currently dominating social media and are the most talked about subject on late night TV.