Now we may have gone too far.

According to Adweek, frozen pizza sales are up 192% since the pandemic started.

Most sales have been attributed to one address.*


*Not Factual in the least bit.

It does make sense, as frozen pizzas keep well in the freezer, are flat so you can stack and buy multiples, and, if you get certain companies, you allegedly can’t tell if it’s delivery or (REDACTED FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT).

A data analytics firm says that Americans bought around $275 million worth of frozen pizzas between March and middle of April, at 92% increase from last year, which does include the NCAA Tournament, baseball starting, and, our personal favorite late March-early April event, Wrestlemania.


I love Brock.

Obviously, there are options if you still need your pizza fix and can’t get a frozen pie, including some great local options. Or you can make it yourself. Just leave the dough tossing to the professionals.