Having trouble in the dating pool? You may be looking in the wrong age bracket.

A relationship expert in Sydney, Australia, says to skip single guys in their thirties. The reason? That particular age group most likely has commitment issues. Jana Hocking says the thirties are when most guys should be settled down and starting to raise their families.

It’s better, she says, to date divorcees in their forties and higher.

“Sure, they may come with some baggage, like the bitter remnants of a divorce and a few kids,” Hocking said in a post for news.com.au. “But it also means they’ve proven they aren’t scared to commit, at least for a decent amount of time.”

Hocking also says guys in their forties and up are great at ‘old school dating.’ That is actually answering their phones when you call, only dating one person at a time, and don’t especially like playing games.