This has been joked about a lot since the lockdowns began in March, but this is empirical proof: Americans are no longer wearing pants.

By empirical, we mean an internet survey. Which is the same thing anymore.

According to this survey, two-thirds of Americans working from home at the moment really don’t remember when they last put on something that didn’t stretch and/or had a zipper. The main go-to seems to be ‘pajama pants’, though sweats, yoga pants, and ‘just letting it all hang out’ were also responses.

Imagine that last one next time you’re forced into a Zoom meeting. Nightmare fuel, that.

The survey also showed that 70 percent also felt they’ve been MORE productive since they started working from home, and 57 percent have worked from bed. Which also led to half of those people realizing they need a new bed.

The survey was commissioned by Mattress Firm.