We’ve seen a lot of new words pop up in the American vocabulary over the last year and, apparently, no one knows how to actually say “Cheugy.”

The U.S. Captioning Company are the ones that do the subtitles for real time events, like football games and the like. They released their list of words that ended up making people on TV stumble the most this year. Here are a few and how to actually say them.

  • Cheugy: CHOO-gee.
  • Chipolte: chih-poht-lay.
  • Dogecoin: DOHJ-coin.
  • Eilish: EYE-lish. (ED. NOTE: Apparently, old people on the news think it’s Eye LASH.)
  • Kelce: KELs. We’ve been saying Travis Kelce’s name wrong for years now. Honestly, we still say it Kel-See.
  • Omicron: AH-muh-kraan/OH-mee-kraan. It’s pronounced differently in the U.S. and the U.K., hence the differing pronounciations.
  • Yassify: YEAH-sih-fai.