Happy National Eat What You Want Day!

These National ____ Days are so weird, but at least the food ones I can get behind.

According to National Today, the first ever diet book was written in 1558 and was titled The Art of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro. Today, however, take that book and throw it out the window and enjoy that funnel cake, that pizza, or that mac and cheese!

Don’t literally thrown The Art of Living Long out of the window. That sucker is a priceless artifact that, if you don’t want to put it in a museum, at least sell it for MILLIONS.

Anyway, here’s the results of a survey that show what we would eat every day if we didn’t have pesky things to worry about like cholesterol and weight gain.

  1. Pizza
  2. Pasta
  3. Burgers
  4. Ice cream
  5. Tacos/Burritos
  6. Chocolate
  7. French fries
  8. Donuts
  9. Cake
  10. Chips
  11. Cheese
  12. Cookies

Solid list. It’s missing cotton candy. No, scratch that. Cotton candy is gross.

Hot take, I know.

So break the routine today, dive headfirst into a back of M&Ms. Oooh, have breakfast for dinner! I love me some breakfast for dinner!