Occasionally, something on the Internet comes along and reminds you why you spend so much time on it.

By now, you’ve all heard the rule about washing your hands for 20 seconds to help prevent Coronavirus spreading. Of course, that should just be good personal hygiene, and not just because of a predicted pandemic.  The gold standard has long been singing “Happy Birthday” twice, but more and more people are trying to figure out different songs that they can use.

Kudos to @inallmydreams13 for doing that legwork.

If, however, you want your own song, but don’t have time for that kind of research, a teen in the U.K. has developed a generator to pair the hand-washing poster with any song you wish. ANY. Song.

Why, yes, those are the lyrics to Hulk Hogan’s WWE theme, “Real American.”

We also did “Old Town Road.”

Put it to good use! Find the generator here!