Science has determined what your personality is based solely on your eye color.

The study, done by the Orebro University in Sweden, found that the genes affecting our brains’ frontal lobes also impact our eye color. Allegedly, eye color also gives indications about a person’s behavior, mental health, even tolerance to pain.

Researchers say that, for instance, brown-eyed people tend to be confident and assertive, with an ability to deal with conflict as they are generally agreeable people. They are also willing to listen to other points of view before voicing their own.

For those with green eyes, they are the wild cards. Unpredictable, they are also creative and capable of handling their business under stress.

Also 99.9% more likely to have a dark wizard trying to off them according to a prophecy. Hey, it’s science.

The blue-eyed know have a handle on their emotions, especially the negative ones. They are also cautious in nature and tend to evaluate everything before diving in headfirst.

If you have hazel eyes, you are a unicorn. No, really. They say you’re one of a kind; no two personalities will be the same. Yay?