More and more companies nation- and world-wide are starting to “welcome” employees back into the office after the last two years.

Which means we are reminded of just how much Diedre from accounting talks. And talks. And talks. Holy God,  Diedre, take a breath.

A recent look at what annoys us in the office has revealed the pandemic has shifted some of those items just a bit.

“Office gripes have always existed but the global pandemic and the heightened focus on our own hygiene and health has changed what behaviors we find frustrating now that we’re starting to head back to the office more regularly,” a spokesman for Essity, a hygiene and health company which carried out the study, said. “Poor hand hygiene, coming in with a cough or a cold, and a failure to show any care or courtesy towards being environmentally friendly, have all shot to the top of our lists of bugbears. For employers, now is the time to put measures in place to minimize any chance of these office gripes upsetting employees that are being welcomed back after so long at home.”

The top 10 Office Annoyances are:

  1. Coworkers who talk too loudly while you’re trying to work.
  2. People who cough/sneeze without covering their mouth.
  3. Coworkers who come to work even though they are sick.
  4. Slow computers.
  5. I.T. issues.
  6. Smelly bathrooms.
  7. People who leave dirty dishes in the work sink. (Ed. Note: We’re looking at you, news team.)
  8. When you’re in the bathroom and realize someone didn’t wash their hands.
  9. Gross toilet seats or bowls.
  10. When you’re computer keeps crashing.

There’s one that didn’t make the top 10 that deserves an honorable mention: People who bring in smelly lunches. Keep the raw tuna or the heaps of sriracha sauce at home. That just permeates the entire office.