Vaccine rollouts are increasing nationwide for the COVID-19 shots, with over 9,400 fully vaccinated in Riley County as of Monday.

But what do you do after?

Some experts have listed things you SHOULDN’T be doing:

  1. Don’t take over-the-counter meds like Advil or Tylenol before your shot. It could interfere with the immune response. I don’t know how. I’m a voice on the radio. Ask your doctor.
  2. Don’t worry about hitting the bar. There is absolutely no evidence that a drink or two affects the vaccine’s effectiveness. So PARTY ON!
  3. Don’t get a tattoo or piercing right after your shot. I understand wanting to commemorate something this historic, but there’s a chance getting a tat or pierced could trigger an immune response in addition to the one from the vaccine.
  4. Don’t get other vaccines around the same time. Experts aren’t quite sure how the COVID vaccine interacts with other vaccines, so, to be safe, wait a couple of weeks before any other shots. Try to avoid any and all rusty nails.
  5. Don’t push yourself to exercise. Most people are good after their shots, but if you’re feeling run down, take a day or two off. You won’t lose the washboard abs that quickly.
  6. Don’t forget to hydrate. This is just good advice in general, really. But the vaccine could spike a fever, which makes you sweat, so drink plenty of water. Or a sports drink. I like strawberry Gatorade.
  7. Don’t lose your vaccine card. Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax all will laminate it for free. Experts are also recommending a photo, just in case. I say frame that sucker and get a plaque that says “Proof I Survived the 2020 Pandemic.”