In the age of social distancing, movie theaters were one of the first casualties, along with sports. But, especially now, people are craving entertainment, so what does one do?

Go back in time!




No one called you chicken, Marty.

EVO Entertainment took it upon themselves to salvage something of their business by turning their parking lot into a drive-in theater. The movie, Spider-man: Homecoming, is projected on a screen painted on the actual theater, and movie-goers can hear the audio by tuning their car radio to a specified FM signal. The same premise behind those synced Christmas lights where Trans Siberian Orchestra is played over a low-powered signal.

They’re even doing snacks, which are purchased and paid for through an app designed specifically for the purpose. A carhop brings the food to the car door while wearing gloves, so maximum protection is being taken. The theater is also going to start showing classics, like Top Gun and Grease.