Based on the online reaction to this, society as a whole has given up on 2022 being anything other than a dumpster fire.

It came out yesterday that The New York Times purchased Wordle, the free, online word game that everyone and their dog seems to be playing right now.

The Times reportedly paid in the low seven figures for the online game, which was developed by a software engineer named Josh Wardle. He had initially only meant his partner to see the game, because she loves word puzzles.

“It’s been incredible to watch a game bring so much joy to so many,” Wardle said in a statement posted to his social media. “On the flip side, I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t been overwhelming. After all, I am just one person, and it is important to me that, as Wordle grows, it continue to provide a great experience to everyone.”

Oh. Wardle. Wordle. That’s where the name come from.

Right now, both Wardle and the Times are reassuring everyone that it will remain free-to-play when it transitions ownership. HOWEVER,  the Times could decide to paywall it like they do the full version of the famous NYT crossword puzzle.